I had a love/hate relationship with the early issues of Valiant’s X-O Manowar 2017 relaunch. The comic saw Aric of Dacia living on an alien planet until forced into a war he doesn’t want to fight. He fights. He wins. He’s tasked with harder and harder missions only to always come back successful. But me? I was impatient. I was reading a comic called X-O Manowar where the main character didn’t want to wear his X-O Manowar armor. It bummed me out. Issue after issue went by and I just didn’t get why Aric wouldn’t strap on the armor and just decimate everyone.

There are reasons of course. Those reasons come out in this thing called “storytelling.” Now if you are an impatient jerkoff like me you may start groaning because the comic isn’t reaching your expectations. It is only when the bigger picture comes into view that I’m like, “So THAT is what they were going for.” As more issues came out and I could reread the book one issue after the other I saw how well the story interlinked. I could also truly see what the book has become.

The book is about the X-O Manowar armor but it is used only as a tool. The book is about Aric but him being used as a weapon (with or without the armor). The overall theme of a fish out of water is still in place but has been moved from a man out of time on Earth to a man out of place on an alien planet. X-O Manowar turned into this amazing sci-fi adventure. Once all of those puzzle pieces were put in place in my mind I was pretty in awe of the book.  X-O Manowar is once again Valiant’s flagship title. If you are reading the book you may agree with me when I say it may be the finest monthly title being published in the comic book world. If you disagree?  Then that probably means you aren’t reading X-O Manowar.

I’ve been a Valiant Comics fan for many years. From my first Super Mario comic book to Unity to Birthquake to VH2 to VH3 to Unity 2000 to the relaunch right up until today. I’ve always seen the promise and capabilities of Valiant’s characters but never saw those capabilities come to true fruition. We had some inaction figures, we had some beers, and we had a few videogames. But now? Now Valiant has grown into the company that I knew they always were capable of. They went from being an indie startup that had people saying, “I remember those books.” to being a company that has television shows and feature films coming. Coming quite soon at that.

The 2012 relaunch of Valiant Comics was brilliantly executed mostly thanks to the brilliance of its first book: X-O Manowar. The continued success of Valiant Comics is mostly thanks to this brilliant 2017 relaunch of X-O Manowar. The artists and colorists who work on the book have done an outstanding job but I really can’t speak higher of Matt Kindt’s writing on this book. It is beyond stunning. The only true way to describe the writing is award worthy. Kindt should be acknowledged throughout the comic book world for his brilliant work and I really hope that the rest of the comic book world sees this book the way I do. If they don’t?  Then I really only have one thought on that. It probably means they aren’t reading X-O Manowar.

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