The past couple years has seen numerous bands that I love release new material. Sometimes I like their music. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I’m like, “What the hell were they thinking?” Out of all of these favorite bands of mine I never listened to an album and thought, “Wow. They just produced the best album of their career.” That is until The Cryptkeeper Five’s new album The Stronghold.

CK5’s The Stronghold is their strongest work to date and it only takes one listen through this thrashing, rousing album to prove me right. The Stronghold was a complete surprise for me. It had been a few years since I had listened to CK5 so maybe that’s why I thought the album was so outstanding. I moseyed on over to Spotify where I listened to their other newest releases like The Unbeatable Cry and Darker Days. I thought both albums were pretty fantastic but I really believe that The Stronghold is in a league of its own. I hate using the word masterpiece over and over again but…it is a masterpiece. A tour de force. The creme de la creme. Their piece de resistance.

The album is a pretty quick listen but one that is consistent throughout. The only inconsistency is really the best part of this album. The Stronghold’s last song is titled MadDog 20/20 No. 1 and it is a slowed down version of MadDog 20/20 No. 2 which is featured much earlier on the album). It also brings in singer Amy Adele for a duet and the results are astonishing. It is a beautiful song. Gorgeous. I want to remarry my wife just so this can be our wedding song. You listen to The Stronghold right up until No. 1 and you just totally fall for the album. Then you listen to No. 1 and you are just completely blown away. It makes you fall in love with an album all over again before you even finish it for the first time.

This is punk rock at its finest. It is also rock punk at its finest. It is a testament to the true musical talent of The Cryptkeeper Five. It is an album that you’ll listen to over and over and over again. There’s nothing stopping you so you should just stop reading and go find this album. Right now.

…if you are still reading you haven’t gone to find the album. Seriously. Go find it.

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