Robyn Hood: The Hunt #6
Story by: Joe Brusha
Written by: LaToya Morgan
Art by: Daniel Maine and Leonardo Paciarotti.

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Here it is.  Robyn Hood: The Hunt #6.  The last issue of such an amazing miniseries.  Such an colossal event.  A book that took a great character and elevated her to places she’s never been.  I’ve always loved the Robyn Hood character but this book was such a kickass masterpiece that I don’t want it to end.  I don’t want LaToya Morgan and Daniel Maine to go off into the sunset.  I don’t get what I want of course but what I do get is one kickass finale that did not disappoint.

So if you haven’t read the rest of The Hunt miniseries I’m going to spoil the last issue.  If you didn’t read it, it is your fault.  I review this book every month and rave about it.  You have been told!!!

Robyn met up with some compadres and was seemingly on her way to escaping prison world in issue 5 when the baddies come right up on her.  It was awesome.  IT WAS SO AWESOME.  I still didn’t see it coming.  It made sense that she gets caught when you think about it because there was still one issue to go.  But after all the crap Robyn went through in those five issues you would think thatissue 6 would have been just a wrap up.  Instead Robyn is recaptured, brought back to prison, and then thrown into a gladiator ring with a bunch of the prison baddies who want nothing more then to murder Robyn.

So there’s Robyn…in the ring.  Of course the idiots put a bow out for Robyn.  You know – to give her a sporting chance.  But would you give the best archer in the entire universe a bow?  Do you give nunchucks to Bruce Lee?  Do you give Chris Kyle a sniper rifle?  NO.  Let her fight it out and watch her die.  Instead you give Robyn the exact tool she needs.  Well that isn’t exactly true.  The bow and arrows are only half of it.  The other half is Robyn’s amazing cunning.  She may be a master of the bow but her plan isn’t just escape.  It’s escape and take the whole villainous prison down.

So does Robyn get free?  Does she get her sweet, sweet revenge?  Of course she does.  It is her comic.  But how she achieves all of these goals is what makes this last issue so fun.  I don’t want to spoil anything from issue 6 so I will say that both the psychological and physical fight that Robyn brings to the table is outstanding.  Again – I almost wanted her to fail just so I could get a The Hunt #7.  But writer LaToya Morgan and artist Daniel Maine wrap it all up for us with a nice shiny bow.  So my hat is off to you both.  The Hunt was one of my favorite comics of 2017 and you both did a great job.  Take a huge bow.

What’s next for Robyn? There’s two series coming out: The first is Van Helsing Vs. Robyn Hood (I’ll be reviewing the first issue later in the week) and Robyn Hood: The Curse written by Chuck Dixon. Now Vs. Van Helsing was already a great read and I’m sure The Curse will be just as good. But as for The Hunt it’ll go down in Zenescope history as one of the best comics to come from the company.  If you haven’t read one single page?  Now is the time to grab each and every issue, kick back, and enjoy immensely.


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