When it comes to Vinita Mathur’s art I feel like a broken record. I’m sure there are those around me who are tired of me mentioning this wonderful artist’s name. To them I say, “LISTEN TO ME!” Because Vinita’s paintings have truly touched my heart in a way I’ve never truly experienced before. I’ve visited museums from the Met to MOMA to Rembrandt House. I’ve seen artists and painters locally to worldwide. Even my own brother is quite well known in the art world for his amazing work. But it is Vinita’s paintings that I immediately think of whenever anyone says the word “painting.”

I first found Vinita during Trenton’s 2017 Art All Night. As I normally do I arrive early on a Sunday when there is no crowd so I can survey each and every piece without being bothered by the masses. I went from painting to painting until I arrived at Vinita’s painting titled Waiting in Vain. I just stood there. I stood there and stared. I couldn’t not believe how gorgeous it was. How gorgeous the woman in the painting was. How I couldn’t take my eyes off this painting. It spoke to me in a way that a painting has never before done. Right now, as I sit here typing this, the eyes in Waiting in Vain are burned in my memory. I can always see the painting in my mind without ever having to look at it again. That is probably the biggest accomplishment an artist could ask for. That’s certainly what I would want if I could produce art. I hope that it makes Vinita happy that her work has touched me so.

Vinita recently had a gallery showing in Pennington where several amazing pieces of her work were displayed. There are so many great pieces beyond Waiting in Vain to include a stunning painting of the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman.  I’m beyond happy that past Waiting in Vain she is able to produce work that really warms the spirit.  If there’s any one thing I can point out from 2017 it is Vinita’s Waiting in Vain. It perfectly sums up how wonderful the year was.

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