Amy, Lauren, and Tracey. Three women that I loved meeting in 2017. You may not know their names. You may not know their films Other Halves, Lady Bloodfight, and Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter. You may not watch them and appreciate the films as I do. But for me these are three great indie films that I watched this year with three standout actresses.

I’ll start with Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter. The second I saw the trailer for this film I knew that I HAD to see it. A stunning blonde running around blowing up evil robots?!?!?  SOLD.  It is Mad Max meets Terminator meets Casshern. It is actress Tracey Birdsall kicking everyone’s ass whether they be human or robot. The movie really reminded me of the films I loved from the 80’s that you just don’t find anymore. Nudity, violence, sex, killer robots, SEX ROBOTS!  It doesn’t matter who or what you are.  Tracey is coming to get you.  Getting killed was never more fun.

Rogue Warrior is just a fun low budget indie film where all of the actors really seem like they are having a blast.  ESPECIALLY Birdsall. She’s an unstoppable killing machine. Think Space Rambo….but way, way hotter. If you liked 80’s flicks like Ice Pirates, Dune, Last Starfighter, Battle Beyond The Stars, or Space Raiders, then I’m fairly convinced you’ll love this film. You’ll probably fall in love with Tracey Birdsall but that is never a bad thing.  If I was stuck in a desert wasteland hunted by killer robots she would most def be the one I would want by my side.

I’m a huge fan of kung fu and martial arts films. The second I heard about an all female remake of Jean Claude Van Damme’s Bloodsport I said to myself, “This can be really good or really, really bad.” I was so, so, so happy that Lady Bloodfight was such an enjoyable film. This is mainly due to star Amy Johnston. As a broken woman looking for redemption in the kumite, Johnston plays a woman traveling to Hong Kong wanting to win the martial arts tournament and find some answers about her past. Johnston is drop dead gorgeous but is such an amazing martial artist. She moves so gracefully on film.  She doesn’t just look like some actress who could kick your ass in some movie. SHE LOOKS LIKE A WOMAN WHO REALLY COULD KICK YOUR ASS RIGHT DOWN THE DAMN STREET.

While Lady Bloodfight wasn’t as playful as the original Bloodsport, it was helped by a great supporting cast like Jet Tranter, Muriel Hofmann, and the amazing Mayling Ng – who was such a great villain. Really the film rests on Johnston’s shoulders and she shoulders that responsibility easily.  I’d love to hang out with her…but never, ever pick a fight with her.

Other Halves wasn’t released in 2017 but finally found its audience thanks to Amazon Prime. In finding the movie I found the absolutely adorable Lauren Lakis, who plays a programmer prepping the launch of a new dating app. The only problem? The app makes you lose control. Have all the sex you want! Kill all the people you want! Anything is possible with the Other Halves app and this indie horror/comedy has everything you want in a movie. Stupid people getting killed, naked people, people having sex, and more stupid people getting killed.  It’s a terrific formula.

Right in the middle? Lauren Lakis. If she was off the screen for just one moment I would really be like, “WHAT THE FUCK, FILMMAKERS!?!?!?! BRING HER BACK!” Then she came back and all was right in the world. Lauren is perfect for a horror film (the sexy, nerdy character you have to love) and really is the standout in a film that really doesn’t play like your typical horror flick. I’m a sucker for a good horror, sucker for a good indie film, and a sucker for a pretty face. Lauren made Other Halves for me and I can’t wait to watch every single thing she does next. Plus she’s a musician so I can’t wait to check out her music.

Looking for some great indie films from 2017? That’s Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, Lady Bloodfight, and Other Halves. Check the brain at the door, grab some popcorn, sit back, and have a great movie night. With Tracey, Amy, and Lauren it’ll be one hell of a marathon.

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