I couldn’t wait for Jamiroquai’s new album Automaton to hit in March 2017. As a Jamiroquai fan it had been 5+ long years since his last release and the two lead up singles (Automaton and Cloud 9) were both amazing. When Automaton finally hit I had mixed feelings. I thought the beginning of the album was brilliant, the middle was mediocre, and it ended horribly.

For the first couple months I kept listening to the same 5 to 6 songs. I finally started expanding out and found some songs that I hadn’t enjoyed to be more enjoyable. I also changed my train of thought. 2005’s Dynamite was an amazing album that was almost brilliant from the first to the last song. 2010’s Rock Dust Light Star did not impress me (it still doesn’t) but I can appreciate Automaton for being a brilliant melding of old and new sounds.

The album still isn’t impressive to me from start to finish but I have such a great time listening to most of the songs like Shake It On, Automaton, Cloud 9, Superfresh, Hot Property, and Dr. Buzz. Something About You and Nights Out in the Jungle aren’t outstanding but I can dig them. The last three songs (We Can Do It, Vitamin, Carla) I just can’t get into but that’s okay. Some other Jamiroquai fans might love those songs so there’s something for everybody.

Summer Girl? It went from a song I thought to be ho-hum, to being great, to being outstanding, to being the best of the album, to the being one of my favorite Jamiroquai songs of all time. It is a gorgeous piece that makes a great one-two punch when played next to my favorite Jamiroquai song Seven Days in Sunny June.

I didn’t need to like every song on Automaton right away. I’m glad I didn’t just stop listening to the album, kept exploring, and kept finding things to love about it. I still listen to the album weekly. I’ll usually pop it on at work to help me concentrate and it always helps. Bad mood? Put on Automaton. Good mood? Put on Automaton. It’s a great, fun album. The true lone downside? I have the vinyl and IT SKIPS. Brand new album.  Two vinyl albums.  BOTH SKIP…MAKES ME SAD.

WAIT! There are two downsides! The other is the Japanese bonus track Nice and Spicy is insanely good so it makes me sad that it wasn’t on MY album.

Automaton is a great pickup not just for Jamiroquai fans but anyone who just wants to have a great musical experience. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take another six years for another brand new album. Hopefully this amazing bands has a few more albums in them before they call it a day.

My original review gave Automaton a B-. I don’t go back and change review ratings but if I had to rereview I would give Automaton a pretty solid A-. It’s a great album and one you should check out if you wanna get your butt grooving.

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