I was really excited for Alpha Rabbit’s debut EP as it was (at the time) the new side band from Honah Lee guitarist Joseph “Dim” Wolstenholme. The EP was 4 songs with one track being an instrumental. I thought the album was pretty good and gave it a listen multiple times. I wasn’t that crazy about the first track on the EP titled Damage but then…

…then I kept listening to the album. Over and over again. If I couldn’t think of something to listen to in the car I would usually pop Alpha Rabbit’s EP in. In the days, weeks, and months after I first listened to it I really saw the brilliance of this three piece band. I really LOVE the song Damage now and think what singer Jaime Parker did with it was pretty genius.

The fact that all three members – to include Jake Foy – are so multifaceted is outstanding. They can switch instruments in a blink of an eye. One can be playing guitar one second during a live show and suddenly that person switches to playing drums. All three members of the group can sing and well at that.  They are truly a site to behold.

The EP went from being an album I thought was pretty good to one that is really amazing. If you haven’t heard it then I consider it the true hidden gem of 2017. With the Trenton music scene really blossoming over the past year I’m quite happy to say that Alpha Rabbit is amongst the best currently playing the area. The EP is a true testament to that.

My original review gave the Alpha Rabbit EP a B+. I don’t go back and regrade my ratings but if I did I would rerate this album at a solid A. It is some kickass fun rock music.

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