Our first year of 2G1 is now in the record books so we wanted to go back and look at some of our favorite movies, comics, and bands of the year with our Top 10 List of 2017 (with some AWESOME Honorable Mentions). If you disagree with us, blame Trump. If you like Trump, blame Obama.

No animals were harmed and no money made in the making this video. THIS VIDEO IS NOT MONETIZED so please don’t strike us down like Darth Vader for using your fantastic music. We only did so because we love you. This includes you 2 Skinnee J’s, Jamiroquai, Teeel, Jen Gloeckner, The Ramones, Alpha Rabbit, Greta Van Fleet, The Cryptkeeper Five, Victor Guest, Meeko Brando, Yorkshire Tenth, Esthero, Colleen Ryan, Professor Shyguy, and “The Room as a Prince Song” from YouTube channel Super Deluxe.

You can check out some of our favorites of 2017 at:
Jen Gloeckner: http://www.jengloeckner.com
Meeko Brando: https://meekobrando.bandcamp.com
The Cryptkeeper Five: http://www.cryptkeeperfive.com
HCNoel Comics: http://www.hcnoel.com
Valiant Entertainment: http://valiantentertainment.com
Zenescope Entertainment: http://www.zenescope.com
Greta Van Fleet: http://gretavanfleet.com
Charon Comics: https://charoncomics.com
Alpha Rabbit: https://alphaalpharabbit.bandcamp.com
Vini Art: https://viniart.gallery

Find The Room as a Prince Song at: https://youtu.be/9FnSvuPTv7I

Special thanks to Laura Rowley.

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Music from Professor Shyguy’s album Geekotica used with permission.
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