A funny thing keeps happening to the videos that I’m making for YouTube.  They keep getting hit with a message saying they are “not suitable for all audiences”.  But why exactly?  It’s time for me to join Blue in the Thinking Chair to ponder what is going on with these videos…

A very special thanks to Robyn Hood: The Hunt artist Daniel Mainé, Johnny Destructo (as the voice of Daniel Mainé), and Laura Rowley.

Watch our Robyn Hood: The Hunt #5 review here: https://youtu.be/US_R1Z2b_rM
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“Rare Grooves” by Shawn Lov (w/ Sadat X) from the album Future Left Behind used with permission.
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“Danger! Danger! Danger! (Chipmix)” by Professor Shyguy from the album Geekotica used with permission.
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