The Black Sable #3
Written by: Joe Brusha
Art by: Sergio Arino and Dijjo
Published by: Zenescope Entertainment

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

If there is one comic I was most surprised by in 2017 it is Zenescope’s The Black Sable. I was expecting very little from this new space comic but was quite surprised to find it not only entertaining and fun, but also having a serious amount of depth. This is saying something for a book that features space sharks. Yes – space sharks. If space sharks sounds awesome to you then just stop reading this review and run out to find these issues.  If space sharks don’t sound awesome to you then just stop reading this review and run out to find these issues so Joe Brusha can prove you wrong.

The Black Sable #3 continues right where #2 left off with Captain Sable and the crew of her ship The Fury. Space scoundrel Blake is leading Sable to what is supposed to be the score of a lifetime. Except when they arrive they find themselves up against a space kraken. SPACE KRAKEN!!! The crew of The Fury find themselves outmatched and need to do what they can to try and escape this terrifying monster.  Unfortunately for them the only escape plan is not one that everyone may like.

As with every issue of Black Sable there is a lot going on and this is extremely evident in issue #3. There are several different groups traversing space who are soon headed into a firefight. This includes Alpha Corporation’s Captain Reaver and also the captain of The Fiend, Captain Blood (who I call Silver Predator because he so looks like a shiny, metal predator). Everyone is on the hunt for the same fuel cells Sable is looking for. Everyone seems like they are always a step behind but both Reaver and Silver Predator are both making plans to inch ahead in this search to try and come out victorious.

There are a bunch of flashbacks here as we have a glimpse into the pasts of Sable, Reaver, and even the evil Captain Blood. When I reached the first flashback I was a bit put off by it but as I read the second then third flashback I saw what writer Joe Brusha was trying to do. So I approve of giving us a bit of backstory at this point in the story. The space kraken fight takes up the first third of the book, so the rest of the issue is basically moving chess pieces across the board. Each side is planning out their strategy and it is during these slower times where we get to know more about our characters and why they are the people they’ve become.

The issue ends in a cliffhanger which I was very excited about until I turned the next page and read the plot synopsis for issue 4, which totally ruins the cliffhanger in one brief sentence. It is a very WTF moment and that person at Zenescope who wrote that synopsis should be forced to take out the garbage and make everyone coffee for the next month. If they aren’t actually at the office in Pennsylvania then they should move to PA just to carry out my punishment.

There’s tons of plot in issue 3 as we move right into the second act of this book. We know the motivation behind the three captains and we know what they all want. I have a feeling a fight is coming quicker then we all may know.  This is a super fun book that is a great mix of Ice Pirates, Sean Wang’s Runners, and Micronauts. It’s exciting. It’s vicious. It’s Zenescope’s most surprising read but one that should be applauded. Stepping away from the Grimm Fairy Tales line, this book sets up some very interesting characters and is combined with the amazing designs and beautiful artwork of Sergio Arino. Now that all the chess pieces have been moved I’m hoping for a very dramatic and action packed issue 4.


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