I am a Paul W.S. Anderson fan. For some odd reason it seems that people shit on his movies for no good reason. I loved him going back to the original Mortal Kombat. I thought MK was great – even if it hasn’t aged that well. Event Horizon is one great, scary movie and it is too bad the original cut (supposed to be even WAY scarier) may be lost forever. Soldier was awesome (though NO ONE saw it. Did you know it connects to Blade Runner? Probably not.) and I loved Jason Scott Lee in that flick.

I was pretty stoked to be on set up in Canada on Death Race, Anderson’s remake of the Roger Corman classic. It was the first film set I had ever visited and it was pretty crazy as, that particular day, there was a ton of second unit action scenes being shot. It was loud, crazy, and very exciting.

Anderson was a pretty great guy to sit back and talk to. Ultimately the interview isn’t too long because they basically broke from shooting for us to interview Anderson and then they go right back to it. Still – I love the film. Not just because it was my first film set I visited, but it just had a great cast and some great action.

I’ll be back with more interviews from the Death Race set visit shortly.

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