Van Helsing Vs The Werewolf #5 / #6
Written by: Chuck Dixon
Art by: Allan Otero and Robby Bevard
Published by: Zenescope Entertainment

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

It’s a Van Helsing twofer as I review the final two issues of Zenescope’s Van Helsing Vs. The Werewolf – issues 5 and 6. There was a great build up in getting to this point with Van Helsing and monk sidekick Tshering chasing a killer werewolf in the hopes that the werewolf would then lead Van Helsing to a coven of deadly vampires. Chinese secret agent Wu is also hot on Van Helsing’s tail with her own agents ready to do some battle against some sinister supernatural dark forces.

Once they all arrive and traverse the vampire lair? Things get really bloody and violent really quick. There’s blood. There’s gore. There are heads being ripped off. I was actually quite surprised at the level of violence in these issues. Not that it was off putting because that wasn’t it at all. It’s just that the battle is finally here and these aren’t shiny vampires looking to sparkle. They are deadly creatures looking to kill.  Kill they d0.  Blood is shed.  It is ALL OVER this comic.

It’s not like there hasn’t been a ton of action in the first four issues of Van Helsing Vs. The Werewolf, but writer Chuck Dixon really gives the reader the most bang for their buck in these last two issues. Van Helsing, Tshering, and Wu are really in for the fight of their lives.  You feel that Van Helsing can get away because, well, it’s her comic book. But Tshering and Wu? The reader reads on knowing that even though you like these characters there can be a definite possibility that they may not survive.

So does Van Helsing kill all the vampires? Does she actually take on and kill the werewolf after she found out his identity in the previous issue? Is there an evil vampire leader to take on? Will everyone survive? Good questions. I will say that Dixon gives us the answers so you don’t leave this miniseries empty handed.  There’s really only one thing left open with this comic.  It’s a tiny cliffhanger but one I can’t wait to see resolved.

I thought these issues flowed very smoothly with Dixon and artist Allan Otero doing a wonderful job guiding us through the rest of this adventure.  It helps in having such a veteran writer like Chuck Dixon aboard as he helps make every panel feel important.  Shoutout to Robby Bevard’s coloring – the books looks fantastic thanks to him.

Overall these two issues did an amazing job wrapping up one hell of a miniseries. I am still shocked at the level of violence.  This comic ain’t no Twilight. It’s just one hell of a kickass book that really elevated the Zenescope brand in 2017.  Van Helsing returns in 2018 in a miniseries featuring Zenescope’s archer Robyn Hood and while Otero is along for the ride it looks like Dixon will be headed out to greener pastures.  Here’s hoping Dixon returns to the character some time soon because he wrote a miniseries that was terrific from beginning to end.  Van Helsing Vs The Werewolf was really a great time.


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