My man Julian Darius and I go back a couple of years.  Julian runs the amazing comic site and I’ve been a fan of the site for years.  A few years back they archived some of my best Newsarama work. If they hadn’t archived it might have been gone forever – so to Julian (and Mike Phillips) I am forever grateful.  They even brought back my Newsarama column Your Indie Weekly though it was short-lived.  I just did not get the amount of submissions I do now.  So the column went away.  STILL LOVE YOUR SEQUART!

This reached my e-mail today – it is the final days of Julian’s Kickstarter for his comic Lazarus, the Forever Man #1.  It looks like the comic JUST made its goal but I wanted to share for all of you who may be interested.  The logline states:

Lazarus, the Forever Man #1 is a 70-page first issue, continuing the story of the Biblical Lazarus after his resurrection (following our zero issue).  Full disclosure: Despite its religious subject matter, this story occurs in an atheistic universe, in which nothing supernatural is depicted. In this universe, Lazarus’s resurrection has sci-fi explanations. 

It continues:

Lazarus, the Forever Man #1 concludes our origin sequence with a brand new, 70-page story titled “How I Learned to be Immortal.”  The story rejoins Lazarus in Athens, as he struggles to understand how his immortality works. We watch him establish and grow a business, importing antiques and curiosities, while history unfolds around him. As news of turmoil in his former homeland of Judea accelerates, he tells himself it doesn’t affect him. He’s come to identify with Athens and even with the Roman empire. But when the Jewish-Roman war ends with disaster for his people, he decides to return to his homeland… with unexpected results.

I love the combo of sci-fi and the Bible – it is literally the best fit.  You can check out more on Lazarus, the Forever Man #1 by clicking right here:

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