I followed Valerie Moran over on Twitter yesterday (SHAMELESS PLUG: YOU CAN FOLLOW US AT http://twitter.com/2G1Reviews) and not long after I received a nice lil message in my inbox, “Hey, 2G1 Reviews thanks for following- check out Cliterature’s Kickstarter campaign here! Follow if you like bad puns and vagina jokes.”

I mean…what else can you ask for in a DM?

Cliterature: The Lesbian Kama Sutra is a book devoted to exploring queer identity in an engaging, funny, and sex-positive way. I mean for me I don’t need to even read anything else. I know this book is for me. I’m not gay but I am also not some sexist, racist asshole. I love all people no matter their race, creed, color, or sexuality. What I also love is engaging and funny. Sex-positive is always a plus as well.  What I found awesome is that the Kickstarter is going toward the THIRD EDITION of the book.

Valerie starts out her Kickstarter by saying, “If you’ve never seen lesbian porn, you’d probably be shocked to hear that the positions in the videos you definitely never watched were most likely anatomically unstimulating, and wildly so. And it’s not just porn that gets it wrong – despite there being more than 4 million lesbian and bisexual women living in the US today*, there is still little to no representation of female-female sex. Enter Cliterature: The Lesbian Kama Sutra.”

This is the paragraph that really sells me, “In addition to featuring dozens of titillating positions, one of the reasons Cliterature is so necessary to the gay community is because it addresses stigmas and assumptions that are commonly held about queer women. LGBT women are often subjected to a myriad of false assumptions about their sexuality, especially in terms of promiscuity, and even the validity of their gender identity. Questions like, “Who’s the man?” “How do you know you’re gay if you haven’t had straight sex”? and “You’re gay? But you’re so pretty!” are unfortunately very common. In the Myths and Misconceptions chapter, Cliterature sets the records straight and “queers the air” once and for all.”

Very valid points. Like “how do you know your gay?” COME ON PEOPLE…HOW DO YOU KNOW YOUR STRAIGHT!??!?! “You’re gay? But you’re so pretty!” is basically “I thought only ugly women were lesbians” I guess…like sexuality is based on what you look like. Obviously these people have never been to a men’s gay bar at 3AM. “Who’s the man?” is just utterly idiotic, especially if you are a man asking the question. I hope most lesbians simply answer back, “Well obviously it isn’t you.” ZING.

Valerie even goes on to say, “Cliterature was written with more than just lesbians in mind. From safe sex and oral techniques to the proper care and cleaning of sex toys, the book features a ton of nifty chapters that are applicable to sex, regardless of gender or orientation.” How do I boil this down? If you think you know it all about sex, you may be wrong. God forbid you open your mind. So read…you may learn something new and exciting regardless of your sex.

I love everything about Cliterature and listening to Valerie sell her book is music to my ears.  If this sounds like something you would dig I would suggest heading over to the Kickstarter and checking it out.  There are also rewards like pussy magnets (A MUST SEE) and vulva earring (EVEN MORE OF A MUST SEE).

You can find the Kickstarter right here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/valeriemoran/cliterature-the-lesbian-kama-sutra.

Best of luck, Valerie!

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