I love Emiliano Correa’s artwork.  I truly, truly, truly believe that Emiliano Correa is the next Terry Dodson.  It’s like saying Emiliano is going to be the next Bruce Lee or the next Tom Hanks.  His artwork is just amazing.  I think the Dodson comparison is truly apt in Correa’s case.  The work is breathtaking.  Stunning.  Amazing.

Correa came on my radar courtesy of Hocus Pocus Comics’ new book I-Team and I instantly started following him on Instagram.  I find his artwork just to be truly exceptional – I was really impressed by the book he was drawing at the moment called Peace of Mind (see above).  I’m not sure who is publishing it but looking day-to-day at the work Correa was coming up with was such a joy.  So much in fact that I wanted to do the next artist spotlight on Emiliano’s work.

Going to start out with some black and white work first and this gorgeous drawing of Catwoman.  Even though this is black and white you can see the “shininess” of her costume which I think is fantastic.  Mid-leap here, like she is ready to slash my face off.

Here’s The Flash racing to the rescue.  Most impressive about the drawing is the speed lines because you can tell Flash is moving at top speed.  It is also seems that Flash has been working out.  Dude is buff.

Wonder Woman has that look on her face like, “Come on.  WHY are you wasting bullets on me?”  It’s a good point.  Posting these now really has me excited for Justice League tomorrow…

Josie!  Though I’ve always been a Valerie guy myself I’m thinking that ……… I could be wrong.  Yup.  Something about those redheads.

Going to continue with my childhood faves with He-Man.  Emiliano called this “a quick sketch.”  The quick sketch I do of a stick figure looks one billion times worse.

Blue Falcon and Dynomutt the Dog Wonder.  While I don’t remember them from the 70’s (I was a mere toddler), I grew to love the duo when they were on USA’s Cartoon Express.  They had some great silly cartoons on there (Hair Bear Bunch!  Grape Ape!) but Dynomutt was always my favorite.  They truly don’t get enough props.

Lion-O.  He’s only missing that kickass glove of his.  I guess the Sword of Omens didn’t tell him he forgot it.

Galactus.  Looking hungry…and impatient.

TMNT.  My boys.  Have always loved them.  Always will.

Eleven – with the old school hair.  She’s a fan favorite – but can’t wait to see her drawn with the new slicked back hair and mascara.

Black Cat.  Cute.  Love the hair here.

Batgirl.  I love how close up this is and it really takes the focus right to the amazingly drawn eyes.  Gorgeous.  Something about those redheads…

Going to wrap this up with perhaps my favorite piece: DC’s master of magic Zatanna.  Who would you rather have in a magic fight: Doctor Strange or Zatanna?  Exactly.

You can find Emiliano Correa’s artwork at:

Emiliano’s DeviantArt: https://guason0411.deviantart.com
Emiliano’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emilianocorreart
Emiliano’s Facebook: https://mobile.facebook.com/emiliano.correa.1023
Emiliano’s ComiXology: https://www.comixology.com/Emiliano-Correa/comics-creator/67116

Keep up the amazing work, brother!  Can’t wait to see what comes next.

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