Fallout is the new EP release from Doc Rotten, an extremely high energy Jersey punk rock band – especially known to those in or around the Trenton area.  I’ve never seen the group live and only know them through reputation. Their reputation is that the group really kicks ass and puts on an amazing show. I don’t know if it is true about how they play live but Fallout definitely solidifies how great their sound is.

Fallout is a 4 track EP but I was extremely shocked when I saw that the 4 tracks together comes to a total run time of 13 minutes and 46 seconds. Why does that matter? I would say that your average punk band putting out a 4 song EP would have a run time somewhere around the 8 to 9 minute mark. Two of the songs here nearly clock in at 4 minutes. Little things like this excite me. Generally I’ve found that I like many punk songs but always find that they’re way too short. You enjoy the music, the singing, the chorus and then suddenly you are onto the next song. And I’m always like, “Dude! I was just getting into that!” It’s not the case with Fallout. You really get the most bang for your buck with this EP.

There is a clear standout on the album and it is the very first song titled Brass Tax. The opening chords of the song have a great Green Dayish feel to it, which I absolutely loved. At first I thought the band had two lead singers and when I looked at Doc Rotten’s website I saw that singer Wes plays the guitar and singer Mike plays the bass.  So – two different singers on Brass Tax, right?

Wrong.  I watched the above video and was shocked to see that Brass Tax didn’t actually have two singers. It was Wes singing the whole time. For most of the song Wes sings in an upper register and about two-thirds of the way through he brings his voice down quite a bit. It totally didn’t sound like him and I was quite shocked to see it was actually the same person. The other thing I did note from watching the video is that Wes looks like the badass tattooed brother of Seth Rogen. The singing really differentiates throughout all four songs so I’m not sure if it Wes singing the entire time or if he switches it up with Mike. Color me curious on this aspect. If it is mostly Wes I’m WAY impressed on how is able to pull off two different sounds. I guess at this point I have to get my ass out to see Doc Rotten live to figure it all out.

The other three songs on this album (Better Days, Let Go, Scenario) are all pretty outstanding. Better Days has thrashing guitars and clocks in just a little over two minutes. I really dig the chorus on it. After about three listens through I was singing along with the band. I’m really impressed with Let Go and Scenario. Let Go can be a bit mellow at times (no worries…it perks right up) while Scenario feels more like a rock song until the guitar solo pops up to get it back to a total punk feeling.

In the end the Fallout EP sets itself apart from Doc Rotten’s other punk peers thanks to the harmonizing, the range and power of Wes’ voice, and the length of their songs. You can color me impressed. I thought that each song here stands apart from the next and really shows the idiosyncrasies of the album (and the band). With each song being a bit unique, it really adds to what makes this EP special. The album is an excellent Christmas gift to punk fans coming right at the tail end of the year.


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