Harbinger Renegade #0
Written by: Rafer Roberts
Art by: Juan José Ryp and Andrew Dalhouse
Published by: Valiant Comics

Harbinger Renegade #5 brought the series back a few months ago from hiatus with the death of a major Valiant character. Except it wasn’t too major of a character. It’s not like Archer or Shadowman or Aric or Faith died. But I mean for a second stringer it was pretty impressive. He died in an attack led by H.A.R.D. Corps to kill psiots on their hunt for psiot Alexander Solomon. Issue 6 was a flashback that introduced the reader to the Alpha who is like the first psiot or something. I dunno…I hated that issue. It really interrupted the flow of the arc. I had the feeling it would after reading that issue. I still have that feeling after completing this entire arc. The next issues saw the fall out of the attack from issue 5 and what the Renegades do to strike back. I reviewed all of the issues (with either a print review or a video review) and I’ll place those links below.

This zero issue does not continue the Renegade storyline from issue 8. Instead it has the H.A.R.D. Corps leading an attack to capture Alexander Solomon only to find that they run into the Alpha. It is like they awakened the beast and now that H.A.R.D. Corps has awoken the Alpha they find themselves truly outmatched by his powers.  The Alpha’s powers are actually really impressive. The character seems to be quite interesting and is presented in a way where I don’t think Solomon, Peter Stanchek, and Toyo Harada could face this character combined and take him down. He’s a badass mofo. The H.A.R.D. Corps accidentally opened Pandora’s Box and now Pandora is going to kill EVERYONE.

I thought the story was good as was the artwork by Juan José Ryp who did the artwork for that issue 6 that I abhor. Once again the Renegades don’t appear in this book which slightly irks me. This arc consists of five issues (5, 6, 7, 8, and 0) and of the five the Renegades only appear in two issues. They only appear in 40% of their book over the entire arc.  I like the way Rafer Roberts writes and I dig his storytelling. I just really think that the way he told this particular story was just a bit off key. There are hiccups in the storytelling that may not be so evident if this was a monthly book.

While these issues did come out monthly the book did return from a long hiatus and there is no issue #9 in sight as the book is BACK on hiatus. So with these five issues they told a story that really seems like it was told out of order while end ing with a cliffhanger. The resolution to this cliffhanger is probably coming either in December (when Harbinger Wars #0 is mailed to those lucky people who ordered it) or May 2018 (when Harbinger Wars 2 #1 is released). More than likely it kicks off with #0 but won’t really be addressed until May with a resolution in August.

Is this issue bad? No. Is this issue great? The story is interesting and the art is pretty damn good. You really can’t ask for more in a comic book then those two factors. While I think Valiant mishandled how the story was ultimately told the story itself is quite good.  I can’t wait to see where this story now leads.  I just hope that in the future the Harbinger Renegade title actually features the Renegades.  I do feel that while Harbinger still remains one of my favorite titles of all time this series is not as high up on my reading list as Secret Warriors or Rapture.  Which is a shame.  But I’ll just sit back, wait, and see where this all leads.  Just don’t disappoint me, Valiant.


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