Looking around Instagram yesterday someone I follow had posted a picture that caught my eye. It was artist JC Fabul and I went over to his Instagram page to look at this piece.

It was Lady Loki. I didn’t know there was a Lady Loki. Or if there’s not then JC just felt like drawing a Lady Loki. Whatever is the case I really liked the artwork and immediately noticed more Thor art.

This Hela is fantastic. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that JC started this on the right hand page and the drawing continued over to the left page. I just thought that was so fantastic. I love Hela. She just has a great design and I’m glad they sort of gave her the look sometimes in the new Thor movie.

Speaking of Thor here’s two more Thor pics. While not the biggest Thor fan I do dig both of these pieces. Now if JC wanted to do some Beta Ray Bill – that I could totally get behind.

Then there’s this piece. I looked at this and just said, “WOW.” I instantly commented on this picture. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know who she is. A comic book character? An actress? One of JC’s friends? Just someone from his imagination? I just STARED at this picture thinking to myself this is just outstanding. Once I saw this I thought to myself, “I should do an artist spotlight on JC.” So this is the actual piece that wanted me to show off to all of you JC’s artwork.

Here’s a piece that is digitally colored and this…looks…marvelous.  Spidey Vs. Venom and you really can’t get more classic then that.

Pretty much a requirement that every single artist this year draw Wonder Woman.  And why not?  She finally got her own movie and it was pretty damn good.  Know what else was good?  This drawing.  I really like the shading of this WW.  Plus I like that she has some mystery person snared off-picture.

Aquaman – at least the Aquaman I used to really dig in the 90’s.  That was a great book (thank you Peter David) and I just love this look.  This should really get some coloring.  It would really pop.

Harley Quinn – looking pretty damn happy that she is about to beat the crap out of you with her baseball bat.  I dig the costume work especially her…….what do you call it?  Hat?  Ears?  Jester hat?  I dunno.  Her head thingie looks way cool.

The artwork on Frank Castle here is stunning.  All this dark inking and shadowing just makes this badass.  Really dig the angle.  It is kind of like you are on the ground looking up at Frank Castle.  If you are on the ground looking at Frank Castle coming at you with some automatic weapons you know you are probably screwed.

The ultimate goth character: Death from Sandman.  For some odd reason the best part of this picture for me is the belt and the glove.  I really think it makes the drawing stand out.

Lastly is my man Jon Snow.  Don’t worry Jon Snow, I don’t know anything either.  Well except this is one great piece of art.

That’s about it for this spotlight on JC Fabul – one of the Philippines most fantastic artists.  He posts a ton of great work on his Instagram page while he only posts every so often on his Twitter.  Tis all good.  I’ll put a bunch of his sites below so if you want to check out more of his great work you know exactly where to find him.

JC’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jcfabul_art
JC’s Deviantart: https://jcfabul.deviantart.com
JC’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jcfabulart
JC’ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jcfabul16?lang=en

Thanks for reading!  I’l be back soon with another spotlight of a fantastic artist!

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