Pretty much at this point I believe Gigi Rowe is the Savior of Dance Music.  Every single song she releases just blows me away.  While every single track she releases isn’t just dance music, most of it makes you want to get your ass on the dance floor as soon as possible.  Even the songs that aren’t dance music just want to make you completely fall in love.  With Gigi.  With someone special.  Whatever.  Gigi just always blows me away.

I’ve pretty much just waited patiently for the Goddess of Electronic Dance to finally release a full length album.  I was so, so, so, so, so incredibly stoked to find out that Stardust Motel had arrived.  I was very disappointed to find out that this album is a 4 track EP and not 12 songs of Gigi Rowe goodness.  The songs on it are pretty damn excellent but it just makes me sad that I have to continue to get Gigi Rowe appetizers.

I’m pretty impressed with the results and I think this EP is near perfect.  Usually I talk about music reviews in pretty broad terms but since this is a 4 song EP I’m going to break this down track by track.

#1: Got That – Got That has a beautiful 80’s vibe to it.  If you walked into the dance in Sixteen Candles and saw a bunch of kids dancing to Got That you would not be surprised in the least. Got That is definitely the standout track of this EP.  Nearly impossible to not want to dance to this song.  I’m pretty sure if you don’t want to dance to this you have no soul.  I seriously want to wear my different color Chucks, my popped-up colored polo, and hit the dance floor.  It is a fantastic standout track.  I’ll put the video right below.

#2: Eyes Off You – Okay I really like this song EXCEPT there is some like muted cowbell that keeps going off during the song.  I was first listening to the song and heard this muted cowbell.  I thought something was open on my computer so I shut down my browser.  Turned the song back on.  Still heard it.  Shut down everything.  Turned the song back on.  STILL HEARD IT.  It was the song!  This song is a gorgeous, slinky, beautiful song that is marred by this muted cowbell.  I know Will Ferrell would be like, “MORE COWBELL!” but I really think it takes away from what is otherwise a fantastic song.

#3: Bright Lights Baby – Alright I’m going to date myself here a bit but when I was really little I had this mini Casio keyboard that I loved messing around with.  I mean you couldn’t really do much with it but it totally had some funky beats.  The reason I bring this up because this song’s beat really reminds me of something from my tiny Casio keyboard.  After listening to this song a couple times in a row I really think that, as I listen to this EP more, Bright Lights Baby will become my favorite song.  Bright Lights Baby is a great dance song but the tune is just damn sexy.  I mean it’s the kind of thing where if I was in a music video walking around in some club, everyone’s kinda dancing in slow-mo, and I spot Gigi singing this I’d walk right up and try to dance with her.  This track is like silk.  It’s just too damn smooth.

#4: Saturday Night – Once this song gets to the chorus it totally reminds me of an excellent eighties song that I would have listened to on my off-brand Walkman.  The song sometimes gets really minimal and suddenly Gigi’s vocals fill the air while the beat just JUMPS UP.  My very first listen I was saying, “What is going on with this song?” and then BAM!  Hits with you with the gusto.  Pretty much if you are in the club and you hear this song come on you are like, “Meh I can skip dancing to this song.”  Suddenly it gets going and you are like, “CRAP I got to get up now!!!”

I’ll reiterate that I think this EP is pretty damn perfect.  My only problem being that cowbell.  Yup – going back to the cowbell.  I really would love a remix to that track that gets rid of it because it is the one thing that bogs Stardust Motel down.  Beyond that it would have been an A+ instant classic.  It still ranks high.  It is still an instant classic.  There may be times when I listen to the song.  But there may be times that I just skip it and move on.  It is what it is.  If you grab Stardust Motel just be prepared to shake your ass.



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