The night before I’m supposed to interview Rory Cochrane about his new film Right At Your Door I’m chilling with my wifey (then girlfriendy) at a rooftop party and this guy walks up. We start talking to him and I’m like, “How cool is this? Hanging with Johnny Whitworth!?!?” All three of us chatted for most of the night (I was pretty sure my wife was going to run away with him). I told him I was interviewing Rory the next morning and he was like, “That’s awesome! Tell him I said hi.” I then made it my mission: meet every single person who starred in Empire Records.

So sitting down with Rory the next day I start with, “Johnny Whitworth says hi.” to which Rory says, “I just saw Johnny!” It was a pretty kickass way to start the conversation. Then we delve into Right At Your Door which features a very powerful performance by Cochrane as a man who seals himself up in his house after dirty bombs hit Los Angeles. He then struggles with his decision when his wife (Mary McCormack) shows up at the house and he’s unwilling to let her in. It is a tense melodrama that plays on our greatest fears of the 21st Century. This movie is worth it just for Rory’s performance alone.

AND….Rory and Johnny were the only two actors I got to meet from Empire Records. Still cool though.

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