The Black Sable #2
Written by: Joe Brusha
Art by: Sergio Arino and Dijjo
Published by: Zenescope Entertainment

I thought the first issue of Zenescope’s new space opera The Black Sable was fantastic. I described Black Sable as a mix off of Firefly, Sean Wang’s Runners, Micronauts, and the more serious parts of Ice Pirates. That is if you can call any part of Ice Pirates serious. Well Ice Pirates is at least a lot of fun. The fun and action continues in The Black Sable #2 under the watchful eye of writer Joe Brusha. This dude can do it all – I’m really shocked how Brusha can just switch different genres with ease. That and the fact that he can write or plot six thousand Zenescope comics a month. Plus or minus a thousand or so.

The last issue introduced us to Captain Sable and her weird and wonderful crew of pirates on-board her spaceship The Fury. In that issue Sable met up with a dude named Blake who she first gets it on with and then listens as Blake tells her about a big score. “Easiest score of your life,” Blake says. That’s music to a pirate’s ears but Sable was still hesitant.

The issue starts with Sable, her crew, and Blake arriving on planet to steal some very valuable ore.  Problem is they are on planet for about eight seconds when Mar spaceships arrive. The extremely hostile Mar are the most vicious race in the galaxy. Things don’t go as planned, the gang is forced to run, and there are casualties. Everyone is calling for Blake’s head on a silver platter. Sable is pretty much ready to let her crew kill the man until Blake mentions an evil bigger score. Now this treasure is absolutely real but getting to where it is could be quite dangerous. The pirates look at each other with glee. They could kill Blake but the thought of being rich beyond imagination far outweighs killing some dastardly pirate.

Intermixed within this story are two other stories. The first is Major Karr who works for Alpha Corporation. She has her own deadly agenda. She wants the pirates dead. You would think that would be a good thing but then you see this evil vile woman works for a corporation that uses poor aliens as slave labor. Karr is not a good guy and I basically want her to go down as quickly as possible. There’s also another killer pirate who I think is called Captain Blood but I’m not too sure. I call him Silver Predator because…he looks like a silver Predator. He’s a captain of his own band of killers and they too are out for a huge score. Thing about Silver Predator is nothing stands in his way. He isn’t just bloodthirsty. He will kill anyone in his way. And he does.

The issue really sets up the third issue where I’m hoping all these plot points will converge. As this is a miniseries, like most of the series Zenescope puts out, it probably means there is some sort of endgame in mind. That’s not to say there won’t be a sequel series – but I wonder what is going to happen when these pirates, killers, slaves, and corporations all come together. Will Sable and her crew strike it rich? Defeat their enemies? Free the slave? Or end up dead? It’s all up in the air. But this space adventure is one hell of a good time and a terrific read from beginning to end. I feel that it could use a bit more exposition but at least Brusha isn’t shoving a crapload of plot down our throats with the turn of every page.

Artist Sergio Arino has made this comic GORGEOUS. When doing a space comic you need to have some great imagination where drawing different worlds, various spaceships, and weird looking aliens. Arino does a phenomenal job. All these spaceships look like ones you’ve never seen. Same with most of the aliens here. Everything feels original. You can appreciate that as a reader because you aren’t thinking, “GREAT THE SAME OL’ CRAP” while you are going page to page.

The Black Sable #2 helps solidify just how amazing the first issue was. It isn’t a fluke and The Black Sable is the real deal. A gorgeous space opera that shows just how grimy, vicious, and beautiful the universe can be. If you love space or sci-fi (or just love fun comics) this book is really for you.


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