I recently published a video over on YouTube about Veronica Scranton and Media Top but wanted to do a more serious piece here on the site.

I got an e-mail from Veronica Scranton asking if I was interested in writing an article.

I wasn’t quite sure why someone would write me and ask me to write an article for my own site.  Getting paid to do this article would be nice but it is obviously some sort of advertising.  I Googled Veronica Scranton and the first thing that came up was this article on Well Cultured which I will link right here.

Basically Veronica wrote them asking to do the same thing – helping to promote their client which was an online gambling site.  They called her a scumbag.  I agreed.  As always I see everything as being an article.  A story.  A possible YouTube video.  So I wrote back.

In turn I received:

It is basically part of the same letter that Well Cultured received.  If I wrote an article like this and it led to some fraudulent link that put a virus on someone’s computer it would be awful.  If I did this and put a link to a gambling site it would…nothing.  I mean it is a shady way to do something but sounds like easy money.  I imagine bloggers who make no money on their site probably jump at the chance to write something and make some easy money off of it.  I was not going to do this.  I don’t need their crappy money.  But I did want to see how far I could take this.  I wrote back:

I’m aimed high.  I was hoping she didn’t come right back and say, “OKAY!”  But I figured $250 was too high of a price and I was right.

$100 for the piece.  She then mentions not to say this is an advert or sponsored.  They want it to be natural.  They want it to be shady.  Let’s see what the subject matter is…

Just like Well Cultured she is writing me about advertising an online casino site.

I had some suspicions about Veronica Scranton.  I figured that even though she is trying to pass herself off as an America (or British?), I could tell by her writing that she had to be foreign.  Some of the English just didn’t sound right.  I through a bunch of names out there.  Young girl may have heard of some of these movies or even Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  I kept getting back half personal, half form letter answers.

I looked up the website and saw that Media-Top.com wasn’t registered in the United States, Canada, or the UK.  It was a site based out of Singapore.

I figured this 25 year old white woman probably wasn’t in Singapore.  She could always work from home for the company but I thought it was also way too fishy.  I thought this picture was stolen from someone on Facebook or purchased.  I did a Google face search and found this:

She is just a model – a model that you can buy right off of Shutterstock and use for marketing purposes.  There is no Veronica Scranton, they used a model’s photo, and they are doing all of this to fool bloggers into taking money for their shady operation.  She is still trying to continue to snag me for this article…

If you are a blogger and do this I’m sure it is some easy money.  Just be careful.  You may be doing more harm then good.  It certainly feels good to be paid for your writing but there’s a difference between this and getting paid for your work.  If I get more e-mails I’ll be happy to continue this post.  For now – just watch out for this “woman.”

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