Mighty Mouse #5
Written by: Sholly Fisch
Art by: Igor Lima
Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

Review by Dean Zeller

This review contains spoilers of Mighty Mouse #5, by Dynamite Entertainment (2017)

I previously reviewed Mighty Mouse #4, finding it a wonderful read. I jumped at the chance to continue that tradition.

Once again, Sholly Fisch and Igor Lima crafted a truly fantastic story. I was sorry to see it end. Mighty Mouse and the boy Joey worked together to save the city from a nasty cartoon cat invasion. He used cartoon-physics items from Mighty Mouse’s world. The plot moved along quickly and fluidly, and had the tension and conflict worthy of any traditional superhero. As I was reading it, it felt like a solid Marvel or DC traditional comic, where the hero just happened to be a super-powered cartoon mouse. I enjoyed his Patented Pinball Ricochet Shot, specifically because MM patented it. Joey, Mighty, and the police saved the city, and there was a classic conflict at the end between the Mouse himself and the main bad-kitty.

I think it’s time for me to put Sholly Fisch in my Hall of Fame collection. His work on Scooby Doo Teamup and Looney Toons has always kept me buying more. He is able to put oodles of character and conflict into a setting that must be kept simple, innocent, and easy to understand.

My only complaint from the previous issue was an overuse of MM’s signature expression “Here I come to save the dayyyy!” It was used three times in this issue as well, but only once by MM during the story. The second was two weeks later, and the third was sung by Joey in the last panel, using it as a battle-cry as he’s about to take on some schoolyard bullies. Given these changes, I found this to be an appropriate amount and use of his signature line, and it was a neat way to end the book.

Great work, Sholly and Igor. I will keep a good eye out for your work in the future.

Oh, wait. I still have one complaint – no Bat-Bat! It is now my life goal to read a Sholly Fisch story focused on Bat-Bat.

RANK: A / 5 Stars Out Of 5 / Thumbs Up

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