Faith and the Future Force #4
Written by: Jody Houser
Art by: Cary Nord, Brian Thies, and Ulises Arreola
Published by: Valiant Comics

I really liked Faith and the Future Force up until this point. I thought the first three issues were pretty great and I did video reviews of each and every issue. While it was a fun story I wasn’t too sure of the “Future Force” title by issue 3. The name seemed just like a gimmick. I thought maybe the final issue, issue 4, would prove me wrong. It did not. There was no need for this to be “Future Force.” The name truly was a gimmick to invoke nostalgia from old school Valiant fans.

Thus far the book had Neela the Timewalker continuously recruit Faith to go back in time to defeat an evil superpowered robot that I called BoxBot. I was really wondering how this would all wrap up as BoxBot seemed able to tackle most of Valiant’s greatest heroes, easily defeat them, and go on TO RULE THE WORLD!!!

Boxbot’s defeat in Faith and the Future Force #4 is so utterly disappointing that I was literally GROANING at the resolution. I shook my head in disbelief. The ending was just so…so….


Look – Jody Houser is a great writer and I love her writing Faith. I’ve said this over and over again. But how this series (and ending) was pitched and then made into a miniseries now boggles my mind. The ending is really, really bad. How the series was titled “Faith and the Future Force” is just as puzzling. If there are any positives here it is that Jody Houser can still make a bad plot sound good with her amazing dialogue. The art by Cary Nord and Brian Thies in this issue was okay but not up to the level of the first two issues (and half of the third issue I guess).

I’m not going to review this issue. I find it pointless other than saying that this ending was truly a monster let down. Instead I’m going to cut and paste a review of Ramsey Isler’s review of the South Park episode Funnybot from May 2011 – published at IGN (click here to check out). That’s my review. My review is cutting and pasting Isler’s review. Here we go:

The latter part of the episode gets really freaking odd when Funnybot started shooting people as part of its comedy. From that point on, Funnybot becomes increasingly less funny and more like the homicidal Daleks it was modeled after. While I do appreciate a good homage to anything related to Doctor Who, Funnybot’s resemblance to the iconic Daleks only adds a small amount of humor to the story, and if you’re not familiar with Doctor Who, that small amount dwindles considerably.

In the end, it is the illogical nature of the comedy award that makes Funnybot see the error of its ways, and everyone has a hearty laugh at Tyler Perry’s expense. The episode goes out on a weak note, utilizing a joke (Tyler Perry as Madea) that it had already run into the ground by the halfway point of the story. If there’s a point about the futility of comedy award shows in here, it’s lost in the deluge of mediocre one-liners spouting from the Funnybot’s warbling digital voicebox.

That pretty much sums up Faith and the Future Force #4. I really have nothing else left to say except that I really enjoyed the journey up to this point but the destination stinks. It’s like going on vacation and it raining the entire time. You look out the window, at the rain pouring down, and think about all the fun you could be having at Disney World. But you aren’t. WHOMP WHOMP.


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