Jamie Primack has such a unique style to her artwork and such amazing vision. Her drawings are not only profound but you look at some of these drawings and think – this is what people could look like in the future. It is almost like steampunk meets cyberpunk drawn by a woman who is a master with the pencil and beyond experienced with her inks. Jamie says her artwork is “surreal sci-fi environments and macabre gothic tones.” It is leagues beyond my “space sci-fi robotica humanoid sexy” description which probably only makes sense to me. Not a big help when you are trying to be descriptive. What I can say is that her drawings (of which she posts daily) on Instagram blow me away and while I’ve only read a couple pages of her webcomic Binary Star (about an intergalactic bounty hunter) I am really looking forward to sitting down and knocking out the previous four chapters.

Usually when I do a spotlight I’ll give a description like, “Hey it’s Harley Quinn!” or something obvious that you already know anyway. Here I’m just going to let Jamie’s artwork speak for itself.

I will interrupt for a brief moment just because I love the above piece.  I really love it.  This is someone I want to meet when I pull my spaceship into the space cantina.  I love the leg here – the detail on the robot leg is stunning.  I also love the shoes.  Damn fine piece of art.

The best part about loving Jamie’s art? You can go read Binary Star right now. For free. On the web. If you enjoyed Jamie’s artwork here is where you can find it on the Interwebs:

Visit Jamie’s site: http://www.jamieprimack.com
Read Binary Star: https://tapas.io/series/binarystar
Visit Jamie’s Tumblr: https://jamieprimack.tumblr.com
Visit Jamie’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/JamiePrimack
Absolutely visit Jamie’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamieprimack

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