Sheena: Queen of the Jungle #2
Written by: Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo
Art by: Moritat
Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

Reviewed by: Dean Zeller

This review contains spoilers of Sheena: Queen of the Jungle #2 by Dynamite Entertainment.

My first ever comic review for 2 Guys 1 Review was for Sheena #1, written approximately one month ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the issue, finding it fresh and original.  Other review sites out there like Comics Bastards and Kabooooom disagreed with me. I was looking forward to reviewing #2. I was hoping for a jungle-adventure with ties to current civilization. Mark Waid and Andy Kubert did a wonderful Ka-Zar series like this back in 1997 that I quite enjoyed.

Unfortunately, Sheena #2 did not live up to the first. The writing team of Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo did not craft a satisfying story this time around. My first concern was the amount of dialog and exposition. Pages and pages of dialog between the Sheena and Sir Veyor got quite tedious to read. There was a little excitement, where she saves him from some (gasp!) poisonous vines. Then she fends off four jaguars in a cutesy but anticlimactic way.  Suddenly the next panel says, “Two hours later.”  Were they talking the whole time?

There was one point I enjoyed the conversation, just after the jaguar incident. Sir Veyor asked Sheena how she was able to talk to animals, know poisonous plants, toss around large cats, and other such abilities. She simply tells him that she can do it, and does not question “what is.” I like to enjoy reading between the lines, and the story I’m getting is that his desire to ascertain the source of her abilities is exactly what is blocking him from understanding said abilities. Or, at least something like that. I’m not normally that symbolistic of a guy, but I can say I enjoyed that piece of dialog between the two. It is something I may use as an analogy of my own. I’m sure someone else said it before, but I read it there first, so Sheena gets the credit.

Then it got back to the lengthy dialog and exposition. They stumble upon some Aztec-looking structure, have several more pages of dialog, and then were suddenly attacked by some plants called Death Blossoms. It was an abrupt ending after a ton of wordy storytelling.

The art by Moritat generally looked good. I particularly liked his expressive faces of Sheena. The facial structure reminded me of Wendy Pini’s work on Elfquest.

However, and I feel like a world-class heel for bringing this up, I did not like how Sheena’s breasts were drawn. To be blunt, at times they just seemed to sag. Much more than they should for someone of her athletic prowess. It was also inconsistent across panels. In one panel, they seemed large in a normal sense, but in some, they just sagged abnormally. I don’t think that breasts alone should define the Sheena character, but her costume does focus on them, so care should be taken when drawing them. Given below are examples, all from the same issue. Maybe I’m nitpicking here, but I think she would be a stronger character if her breast size were reduced and consistently applied.

So, regrettably, I did not enjoy it. I will still try #3, to keep my pattern going.  For the expressive faces and the neat aforementioned symbolic discussion, there was some good things about the issue. But overall, the story and artwork left me flat.

RANK: C+ / 2½ Stars Out Of 5 / Thumbs Down

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