Harbinger Renegade #8
Written by: Rafer Roberts
Art by: Darick Robertson, Tom Palmer, and Diego Rodriguez
Published by: Valiant Comics

While my video review of Harbinger Renegade #8 (watch it above!) goes over the very basics of the latest issue I’ll just go a tiny bit more in-depth here. There may be tiny spoilers ahead but I’ll try to keep it all to a minimum.

This story is broken up into three smaller stories: Kris Halloway’s return to visit some family, H.A.R.D. Corps striking out against more psiots, and the Renegade gang coming up with a game plan after being told that the war they are being forced into may be occurring sooner rather than later.

Kris’ part of the story was actually nice. Some character building for a character that truly deserves some. Here’s the facts about Kris: she is strong, she’s independent, and she’s a leader. She is a member of a group with superpowers yet she has no powers. Yet she is the leader of the Renegades. As we’ve watched these characters grow over the past five years we’ve gotten to know them quite well. Faith, Torque, and Peter – each powerful in their own way but none of them with the leadership qualities that Kris has. This is surprising because when you have one of the most powerful psiots in the entire world with Peter Stanchek you would think he would be the leader that everyone would look to. Yet it is Kris who knows what is best for the team. Unfortunately for Kris her enemies know this about her as well which probably puts the biggest target right on her back.

The H.A.R.D. Corps is just a long action sequence but it also very well done. In a world where a war is coming we learn a lot about the “bad guys” here. They are raw. They are ruthless. They are well trained. They are good at their jobs. Their jobs are using psiot powers against them …to kill them.  They are not out to take prisoners.  As we know a war is coming we know that these soldiers are not playing games.

The third part has the Renegade team finding out that this war may be coming sooner than they hoped. They don’t like being pushed up against a wall so Kris comes up with a plan that could get the Renegades out of the line of fire. It also may backfire spectacularly.

I’m not going to call this issue the end of the current arc. I’m fairly certain that Harbinger Renegade #0, out next month, will wrap this all up. I’ll once again call out Harbinger Renegade #6 as a very puzzling issue inclusion. There was no need for that issue to be an issue of this series. If #0 does wrap up this storyline then it probably would have made more sense for #6 to have been #0. But as I have yet to read #0 this is all pure speculation.

I really continue to love what Rafer Roberts is doing with this book. He is giving depth to characters who really deserve – let me go right back to Kris Halloway. She is strong, tough, and her being gay is not just some small plot point thrown in.  It is well done, it preserves her character, though it doesn’t define her.  She is who she is. As there are not many LGBT characters in comic books – the fact that a lesbian non-powered human is a leader of a bunch of superpowered young adults is really a great thing. It is worth celebrating.  It’s a true testament on how great these Valiant Comics are.

At this point I’m not really sure what else I can say about Darick Robertson’s artwork. How many times can you praise one man? The artwork is superb. His artwork is always superb but it really shines here. His art kicks ass. This book kicks ass. Harbinger Renegade is good. It’s damn good.  If you are reading this book then you know that.  If you have friends who aren’t reading comics you should be putting this in their hands and saying, “Now’s the time to jump on.  You have no clue what you are missing.”

All of this leads to Harbinger Wars 2 next year but as the zero issue lands next month we may have a bit more closure once it hits stands.  Guess I’ll wait and see.


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