Mr. Crypt #1
Written by: Troy Vevasis
Art by: Aleksandar Jovic
Published by: Alterna Comics

Mr. Crypt is definitely a book I would have loved as a kid. It has the Star Comics meets Looney Tunes vibe…but a lot less violent. Well Star Comics weren’t violent but those Looney Tunes sure knew how to shoot a rifle.

The story is very simplistic. At least the first issue is. A skeleton rises from the grave. He’s a very nice skeleton and he kind of just wanders around. He doesn’t remember who he was before he was a skeleton but doesn’t really seem to mind that fact. He just wants to go about his way and perhaps find a roof to put over his head…er….skull.

So the skeleton walks into town and is immediately called out by the townspeople who want to get him because he’s a walking skeleton. He decides to put on a disguise – a hat, a coat, and a mustache. It fools the townspeople and he is able to (mostly) walk around scott-free. Until his mustache comically falls off. Then he is chased again. For some odd reason he decides to call himself Mr. Crypt.

There isn’t really much of a plot to speak of. Mr. Crypt goes about his day being chased or trying to find food for his pet rat. He sort of ends up even getting a job – working for some nice old woman. Mr. Crypt is just happy to have a friend.

I assume that this book really isn’t meant for adults but I still had some enjoyment reading it. Again – this would have been the kind of book that I would have laughed hysterically at when I was eight (just like I did with issues of Spider-Ham). It’s quite episodic and, therefore, perfect for kids. An adult can read this to a kid and have a good time while not being forced into some massive story. Kids will enjoy it because the story is fun, the artwork is pretty great, and the colors are bright.

I kind of feel that Mr. Crypt should have shorts on Cartoon Network. Maybe Peter Simeti can make that happen.

Overall this is a wonderful book for kids and, as this is part of Alterna’s new $1.50 line of comics, you can pick it up and not spend a fortune. My grade for the book is going to be a B+ but I do want to note that I’m sure kids will give this book an A+++++++++++++++. Because it really will be that fun for them to read.  Mr. Crypt is the perfect comic book for kids.  Adults may find it just as humorous as well.

KIDS RANK: A+++++++++++++++

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