Pedro Perez is just the latest amazing artist I’ve found on Instagram.  Pedro has a massive following already thanks to his fantastic artwork and his pretty popular series Trizia.  His art is “distinguished by creating comics with sexy female characters, pin-up portraits for mature cartoon or other bespoke illustrations.”  That translates to…if you don’t like pictures of sexy characters you may want to go to a different article.

The series has been published in both Spanish (Pedro hails from Madrid, Spain) and English – though a trip over the Amazon tells me that the English version collection is like six billion dollars.  Damn shame.  But Pedro’s artwork on Trizia is outstanding and I’ll start this look at his art by showing off artwork of Trizia herself and some of Trizia’s pages.

Allow me to cut and paste for a moment as someone more talented than I tells you about Trizia:   “Trizia is a young woman with a special talent for drawing. She is shy, innocent and naive, but with a strong character when angry. Her dream since childhood: to be a professional comic book artist. One day, her opportunity arrives: she ends up working at a videogame studio, with a very bossy boss and her coworkers are a very peculiar group of boys… Will this be the first step towards a life? Will she make her dreams come true? Will everything be as perfect and beautiful as she imagined in your dreams? Who knows? Nobody knows! Not even Trizia!”


Pedro loves to draw some of comic’s most famous female characters and I don’t blame him.  If I had his talent I would surely drawn these well known characters DAILY.  So here’s a look at some of his pin-ups:

J. Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl.  Damn I miss this comic.

Who doesn’t love Elvira?  Makes me want to watch her movie again…that’s a great film.

There is no doubt that Harley Quinn is a must draw though Pedro tackles her classic version and not the Margot Robbie version.  Either way you can’t go wrong.

Another from Batman’s rogues gallery Poison Ivy.  Not sure how Batman would feel fighting a woman “dressed” like this.

Speaking of Rogue…here’s a look at one of the all time best X-Men.

Vampirella.  Nuff said.

I always would have dated Velma over Daphne.  It’s the brains, sure, but she is pretty too.  So Velma is pretty much the whole package for me.  I dig the glasses.

Wonder Woman ready to kick some ass.  And lastly a few more Trizia drawings…

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