I-Team #1
Written by: Dwight MacPherson
Art by: Emiliano Correa
Published by: Hocus Pocus Comics

I-Team is literally about the best superhero team that money can buy. A good portion of the issue has two individuals employed by a billionaire corporate CEO-type named Hugo Steam who are going around finding awesome people with superpowers. It’s not like the X-Men where Charles Xavier rolls up and is all, “Hey! Come with me! I’ll train you and you can do good!” This comic is really like, “Hey! Come with me! I’ll give you $500,000 right now and we’ll pay you to be on our team!”

I mean there’s nothing bad about making a crap ton of money working for some rich corporate guy, I guess. This comic takes place in the eighties and lord knows that was a decade of excess. Many characters are introduced quickly so the character that the reader can latch onto is Anomaly – a guy with powers working for Steam. He’s going around with Steam’s lackey/money man recruiting these superpowered folk.  The first 12 or so pages move very quickly from country to country as Anomaly recruits for this team.  Why is the team being put together?  Why are they willing to pay so much money to do so?  Great questions….and that’s what makes reading the book so much fun.

So the reader latches on to Anomaly who seems to be the man who will leads this group and hopefully fill us in with much needed exposition. The team goes into something like the X-Men’s Danger Room and shows off their powers.  They are pretty bad ass.  It’s funny because they are standing around trying to figure out who may be the strongest of them all…and are very impressed when each and every hero is more powerful than the next.  Meanwhile we are introduced to the mysterious Hugo Steam who catches wind that some evil archenemy has escaped his inescapable prison.  It is then time for Hugo to introduce himself to the team and to get the ball rolling.

This book definitely has a great eighties/nineties feel to it. This is the kind of superhero book that I grew up with. Issue #1 throws a bunch of heroes together and straight away you have a team. Team goes out to fight because they are superheroes!  Comics these days have a different way of storytelling. It’s slower.  Issues are linked together to form arcs. You can literally take six issues to put together a five person super team. So seeing a team form with an old school vibe really made me smile. I really dug what writer Dwight MacPherson did with this book. I can readily admit that I’m a big fan of his work and seeing his own spin on the superhero genre is quite refreshing.

I did have a problem with the book which I’ll address but I want to give some depth to that problem. The artist on I-Team is Emiliano Correa. I really love Correa’s work. I follow the man on Instagram and I’m always in awe of the amazing work he produces. Seeing Correa on a superhero book is almost like a dream.

The decision was made to color this book in pastels. Which, for a book taking place in the eighties, make sense. If you lived through the eighties we all know there was some godawful colors. I’m not just talking comic books. I’m talking every day life. We wore some horrible clothing. Here – I typed in “80s clothing” into Google and here’s what came up first:

So the pastel look is good if you are trying to invoke that 80’s vibe. I think, in that respect, the book was able to achieve what it may have been going for.  My problem is that coloring the book this way pretty much eliminates the intensity and talent of Correa’s pencils. Correa does the coloring here on his own pencils so someone isn’t coming coloring over him. But, for example, here’s a look at some great Correa pencils sans color…

And here is a panel from I-Team #1…

It still looks great.  It’s still Correa’s artwork.  But I do think this coloring process loses some of the depth of Correa’s work which is a shame because, again, look how amazingly talented he is.

Overall I enjoyed I-Team #1 and found it to be quite refreshing.  I love the vibe and love that it is a throwback to all those amazing books I grew up on.  As the first book brings on all the introductions of these characters I truly hope issue 2 then throws our new friends right into the fray.

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