I wanted to do an overview of the first four issues of Valiant Comics Harbinger from 1992 and compare it to the 2012 relaunch. The video takes a super quick look at the book’s origins, delves into the plot of 1992’s Harbinger issues 1 thru 4 (including the zero issue), then shows how Joshua Dysart approached the first 4 issues of the 2012 series. It was just a little fun way for me to reread and reappreciate one of my favorite comic books of all time. If it has been awhile since reading Harbinger for you, here is a fond trip down memory lane.

Harbinger (1992) was written by Jim Shooter (Issue #0 written by David Lapham) with art by David Lapham, John Dixon, Maria Beccari, Kathryn Bolinger, Jorge Gonzalez, and JayJay Jackson.

Harbinger (2012) was written by Joshua Dysart with art by Khari Evans, Lewis Larosa, Ian Hannin, Moose Baumann, and Matt Clark.

Watch the “Let’s Cast Sony’s Harbinger Film” video: https://youtu.be/FdQXgW_M4sk

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