Faith and the Future Force #3
Written by: Jody Houser
Art by: Cary Nord with Brian Thies & Diego Bernard with Juan Castro
Published by: Valiant Comics

My video review for Faith and the Future Force #3 is above. I’d recommend watching it and not just because I slaved for 56 hours in a row bringing it together. I would say that it helps drive home the point I want to make about the comic. But I guess I can summarize here.

Faith and the Future Force is just a really fun comic. The plot of every issue thus far is Neela the Timewalker recruiting Faith to go back in time to defeat a evil robot who steals superpowers that I have decided to call Boxbot because I think it suits the robot nicely.

In the previous issues Neela has brought Faith to Boxbot only to see her die. So Neela travels back to the future to recruit Faith again. Faith then recruits more friends to go with her to defeat Boxbot. This happens over and over again.

Issue 3 is more of the same. Which is fine. Which is great. Neela is determined to defeat Boxbot and I like that, no matter the ending in the past, she will always come back to get Faith. Faith is the key. Not Peter Stanchek. Not Rai. Not Aric. It’s Faith. I love when Faith gets her due. The whole Future Force thing really hasn’t taken shape though and as this is issue three I think that the name was brought forth to invoke memories of Valiant’s past but nothing more. Faith does recruit a Future Force when she goes back to the past but all of the Valiant characters she collects end up being back-up characters who don’t say or do much.

I love Jody Houser on Faith. She should be allowed to write Faith books for as long as she want to. She makes the character fun and interesting no matter what Faith is going up against. There is no better writer to pen the character and her continued success with Faith and the Future Force reaffirms that point.

There’s different art teams on this book with Cary Nord teamed with Brian Thies and Diego Bernard with Juan Castro. They have two different looks. One looks very polished and quite beyond the standards we expect from a Valiant comic. The other team…the art looks almost unfinished. It really looks so glaringly different. The artwork does affect the book’s plot so I’ll still give this issue high marks. But as for the artwork it is completely puzzling. I truly wonder why these two teams were done.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed the series and I can’t wait to see how Boxbot is destroyed in Faith and the Future Force #4.

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