The first time I saw Mia Kirshner was in that Crow sequel which I HAAAAAATED. The only good part of that film was casting Mia as Sarah. I next saw her in 24 and then the role that I LOVVVVVVVVE her in which is the completely underrated Chris Evans high school movie spoof Not Another Teen Movie.

In 30 Days of Night: Dark Days Mia plays Lilith – the queen bee of the vampires in Los Angeles. When I travelled to Vancouver for this set visit we got to meet a very humble Mia dressed in the outfit that you see in the stills of this video. It was really a great interview because Mia wasn’t very interested in being interviewed. It really seemed like she was much more interesting in learning about us.

She asks which comics I like and of course I jump at the chance to proclaim my love for Terry Moore and say, “Strangers in Paradise. And Bone. Lots of independent stuff.” Then Mia asks, “Like Joe Sacco?” I’m like…..”Who?” Once I got back to Jersey I had to look Joe Sacco up and subsequently pick up some of his stuff. I found his comics to be quite spectacular – especially Palestine. I will always remember that it was Mia Kirshner who turned me onto him.

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