Librarians #1
Written by: Will Pfeifer
Art by: Rodney Buchemi
Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

Review by Dean Zeller

This review contains spoilers of Librarians #1, by Dynamite Entertainment (2017)

I have been a huge fan of Will Pfeifer’s style since his days of Aquaman. Every writer has their particular strengths, and his was always in the details of the single-most-powerful dialog I can remember. I rank his work up there with the biggies, like Kevin Smith, Brian Bendis, Alan Heinberg, and Joss Whedon. I never felt Pfeifer got enough recognition for his unique style. In any case, I have followed his career closely, looking for another powerful storyline like he did for Aquaman. I picked up Librarians #1 for that purpose.

My first impression of the plot was a bit overwhelming. The background paragraph on page 1 was already complicated, with character names and backgrounds. The first three pages were jam-packed with dialog and exposition. Given Pfeifer’s detailed style, this is a necessity, but it was a challenge to overcome in absorbing the world and story created.

Throughout the comic, the plot reveals that things generally accepted as fake, fraud, or fiction, are actually real! There are mentions of Bigfoot, Noah’s Arc, the Pyrmids, and the writings of Nostradamus. I highly admire the plotline for bringing real-world elements into play.

Rodney Buchemi’s artwork was a perfect compliment to Pfeifer’s writing. A “chocolate in my peanut butter” type of situation. His expressive faces, body positions, and overall storytelling were quite good. Humans looked human, without looking like sketched artwork or cartoons. He started comics in 2007, so he is far from a newcomer. I hope to see more of his work in the future.

So, this issue is highly recommended, with the caveat of the heavy dialog. It was the type of comic that I had to read twice to fully understand the feel and direction. A younger audience could become bored or confused with the level of detail. After the second read, the issue worked well for me, and I highly recommend it for others.

Ratings: A- / 4½ Stars Out Of 5 / Thumbs Up

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