Wonder Woman ’77 Meets Bionic Woman #6
Written by: Andy Mangels
Art by: Judit Tondora
Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

Review by Dean Zeller

This review contains spoilers of Wonder Woman ’77 meets Bionic Woman #6, by Dynamite Entertainment (2017)

Unlike Jon Lovitz’ character, the Critic, I do not personally enjoy writing negative reviews. I would far rather promote the good works out there, than to spend time talking about the stuff I didn’t like. I don’t like everything, and there are many different tastes out there. So it is with that point that I review Wonder Woman ’77 meets Bionic Woman #6. It follows in the line of old television shows as comics, such as Batman’66 and Green Hornet. WW77BW attempts to do the same. I didn’t read the first five issues, giving an added challenge to writer Andy Mangels. I believe it is the job of a writer to at least attempt to bring people up to speed on the storyline. Mangels had previous success in the past with Child’s Play and Nightmare on Elm Street comics.

Regrettably, I didn’t understand the issue at all. The motivations of characters were all a mystery to me. I didn’t know what they were doing or what their goals were. At times, I didn’t even know who the characters were. All this can be linked to the fact that I didn’t read the first five issues. I also reviewed Mighty Mouse #4 (also released this month), where I had not read the previous issues, and the reader was brought up to speed easily. It was a challenge that was not met by the creative team.

The cover art by Cat Staggs was incredible. It was a montage of the main characters in heroic but realistic poses. However, the interior left me hanging from the get-go. Judit Tondora’s art suffers from the fact that all of the faces were pretty much the same. There is a happy face and a serious face, but all of them looked pretty much the same. The body positions were generally stiff and lifeless.

One scene of note I should discuss. In one scene, Wonder Woman throws her iconic tiara, hitting the main villain in the face. In the very next panel with Wonder Woman, there is her tiara, neatly resting on her head, surrounded by hair. Did it both return to her head and she replaced it, in the zero time between the previous panel? Or did she have a spare? It would have been cool if she was holding it, giving an opportunity for a heroic catch-pose. As it was, it was an obvious oversight that should have been caught in editing.

It did have a very charming and fun ending scene, where Jaime (the Bionic Woman) loves the classic Linda Carter costume change spin and begs her to do it “one more time.” It was the one moment in the story that showed fun and enjoyment.

So no, I didn’t like the issue much. Not all of my reviews are going to be good. I will continue to follow Andy Mangels and Judit Tondora’s career paths, to see where they lead.

RANK: C- / 2 Stars Out Of 5 / Thumbs Down

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