When I was invited to the set of 30 Days of Night: Dark Days I said, “Oh cool, I can meet Josh Hartnett!” I was quickly reminded that he died in the first film. So I was basically like, “Oh.”

I was on the fence about going. It was about 6 million hours travel in just a couple days for a very quick set visit. I asked who else was in the movie and was told the actors’ names. Once I heard Harold Perrineau I said I’d go. I love Perrineau. Romeo and Juliet. Oz. Lost. The Matrix films. He’s just had some amazing roles over the years.

So I was so excited to meet him on set. It was a fun interview and at the end the studio rep was quick to point out that I had travelled all the way from Jersey to be there. Harold gave me a hug. I told him I was there basically to meet him. He thought it was pretty cool. We snapped some pictures and then it was time for lunch. Harold actually came with us journalists, got food, and sat down with us to eat. Then we got to talk about New Jersey and New York. It was a really great time and I was damn happy. It may have been an extremely long trip but interviewing Harold made it totally worth it.

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