This is just a video of me showing some love to my new favorite website – where you can find some amazing services starting at $5.

THIS IS IN NO WAY A PAID ENDORSEMENT BY FIVERR. This is just me going on and finding some awesome services. I started with buying a few services that I needed and then I just started wondering what other amazing gigs were available for $5. All the $$$ are out of my own pocket. Probably should have spent the money finally getting the new Mass Effect game which I still haven’t played. It is what it is.

Thanks to all the great people at Fiverr that I spotlight in this video including:

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Special thanks to Vinita Mathur, Dave Ryan, Professor Shyguy, and Shawn Lov.
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“Rare Grooves” by Shawn Lov (w/ Sadat X) from the album Future Left Behind used with permission.
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“NPC” “Ender’s Song” & “The Secret of Homonym” by Professor Shyguy from the album Geekotica used with permission.
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