Fierce #1
Written by: Gabriel Smith
Art by: Raymond Sanders and Leonardo Giron
Published by: Fantasy Art Comics

Fierce #1 features two separate stories that are thrust together in the end.  One story is about a crime fighter named the Crimson Stalker who is near the end of his career.  He’s still big.  He’s still strong.  He can still take on the bad guys.  But the dude is really feeling his age.

When bad guy Terrarax attacks (I’m going to assume his name is Terrarax – all he shouts is “TERRARAX!” so I’m just going to call him Terrarax), Crimson Stalker is on the scene.  However this big massive bad guy, with what seems to be epic powers, starts manhandling Crimson Stalker.  Stalker is trying to hold his own but he is unable to quickly take down the hulking beast.

The other side of the coin is the story of dorky high schooler Aaron Adams – a skinny not-so-popular kid who likes hanging out with his not-so-popular friends while trying to avoid getting picked on by the jerks at school.  But Aaron has a secret.  Over the summer he developed incredible new super powers.  So while he is still getting picked on he is probably at the point where he isn’t going to take it anymore.  Especially if some bully is going to mess with his friends.

And while I’m not going to spoil anything I will say that when both storylines converge it brings a whole bunch of trouble for both the aged hero and the young man looking to prove himself.

The superhero sections are really fantastic from the look of the characters, to the action, to the phenomenal coloring.  The coloring of the entire book is really the huge standout – the colorists usually get left out of conversations when reviewing comic books but I’m going to stand up and give colorist Leonardo Giron a much deserved slow clap.  His colors make this book come alive and make the book look better than most other indy books thanks to his talents.  I really enjoyed the superhero section quite a bit.

On the flip side the section dealing with Aaron’s life at home and school don’t look as great as the superhero pages.  It made me wonder if each part was drawn by two separate people but the entire book was drawn by artist Raymond Sanders.  So I’ll say this.  Sanders is very much a talented artist and when it comes to drawing heroes and action sequences he’s done an excellent job.  With the human characters he may need to continue to grow to get to the point where it looks as great as his superhero pages.  But with the talent Sanders has exhibited I’m sure his artwork will continue to grow by leaps and bounds with every subsequent issue.

While I really dug the story quite a bit I do think writer Gabriel Smith could have improved the way he told the story.  Now there is not one single thing wrong with the actual story.  It was quite enjoyable.  It’s just that the story bounces back and forth rather quickly between the two storylines.  We’ll see two pages of Crimson Stalker, four pages of Aaron, then two pages of Stalker, then a few more pages of Aaron.  So on and so forth.  It interrupts the flow of the book just a bit.  Personally I would have rather seen the pages of each storyline placed together a bit more just to make the book flow better.  Again- there is absolutely nothing wrong with either story.   The book may just need a watchful editor that can make suggestions like this.

The one thing I ABSOLUTELY LOVED ABOUT THIS BOOK!?!?!?  This dude right here – Chedrick.  The green.  The purple.  The boxfade.  This dude is the man.  He’s a bully in the book but he is literally the best dressed bully in the history of bullies.  He looks like the way my dude Larry Howard used to dress back in high school (RIP Larry) and that just made me smile.  I really hope that Chedrick isn’t a one-off and will be used profusely in future issues.

Overall I thought this book was really entertaining and found this story to be very interesting.  I’m not sure of the direction of the book is going nor do I know why these two storylines are being told together.  There has to be a purpose to including both stories so I can’t wait to see what Fierce #2 brings.  I do know that I’m quite intrigued to find out what comes next.


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