There’s no denying that I totally heart Gigi Rowe.  Always have.  Always will.

So when there’s new Gigi Rowe music it is always time to celebrate.  The new song is “Got That” and looks to be the first of some new music that will hit sometime this year.  This song will actually be on the upcoming video game Just Dance 2018.

I really like the song.  It is very fun and playful.  It totally reminds me of a 80’s jam that would have everyone on the dance floor….EIGHTIES STYLE.  I just listened to it a couple times through and totally now want to hunt down Molly Ringwald for the last dance of the night.

So I’m going to embed the new song…click below to listen!

I’m super excited not just for this new song but for lots more new Gigi to come.  I don’t know if I can really sit patiently for the next couple months….so call me Gigi.  I need some exclusive listens to the new stuff.

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