Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Dog Men #4
Written by: Mark Powers
Art by: Diego Galindo and Mohan
Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

Review by Dean Zeller

This review contains spoilers of Dresden Files: Dog Men #4.

Wizards interspersed into modern-day society have been come popular, thanks to Harry Potter and Dr. Strange, among others. Harry Dresden was created by Jim Butcher in 2008, and has had a solid fan-base ever since. Rather than a continuing series, Dresden Files are presented in limited series stories.

Mark Powers started as an editor for Marvel Comics in 1991, eventually turning to writing in 2005 with G.I. Joe, eventually taking on the reigns for Dresden Files in 2008. Powers has written the last eight Dresden stories with creator Jim Butcher, though Dog Men is his first solo outing on the character. The writing was smooth, understandable, and did not waste time. Even though I had not read issues 1 through 3, I was still able to follow the story while still recognizing that there was some missing information. There were several clever popular culture references (Aliens, Scooby-Doo). The story involved hunting a clan of undead ghouls in town, with a fun cliffhanger ending for the next issue.

Diego Galindo is a newcomer on the comic scene, starting in 2013 with Rogues!. He also produced work for Roman Ritual and Grimm Fairy Tales presents Coven. Diego’s art was clear, expressive, and flowed well. There were a few times the blocky art style was initially confusing to the reader, but it was mostly very well done.

Overall, the issue was quite good. It makes me want to get the first three issues, so I can follow the story more completely.

RANK: A- / 4½ stars out of 5 / Thumbs Up

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