Lilith Dark #3
Written by: Charles Dowd
Art by: Charles Dowd
Published by: Alterna Comics

I reviewed the first Lilith Dark #1 with a print review (click here to read) and for the second issue I made a video review (click here to watch). This time around I decided to do a print review. No matter if I write or make a video I’m still going to come to the same conclusion once again: Lilith Dark continues to provide immense fun with its great female hero and all-ages content that Mom and Dad can feel safe in giving to their kids to read.

In the last issue Lilith Dark found the lair of the Beasties and proclaimed herself queen over the monster horde. She had a grand ol’ time bossing the Beasties around until they had enough. They captured Lilith and her sister Becky, basically throwing them into a locked & empty room. Lilith’s brother Dewey found the entrance to the Beastie lair so he had embarked on an adventure to find his sisters.

Lilith finds herself trying to command the Beasties to set her and Becky free. They laugh at this. I probably would too. Luckily Lilith has a Beastie on her side along with Dewey who finally arrives on the scene. With Becky, Dewey, and her Beastie named Spoon, Lilith is ready for action. They find a treasure chest full of weapons and Lilith arms herself to the teeth.

You would think that the very young girl would be afraid of what she has to face but Lilith is pretty fearless. Even when her sister cowers Lilith is ready to defend her family and attack those who would do them harm. After she gains her sword, Lilith goes on an amazing adventure battling all kinds of creepy creatures. She finds a pretty badass creature as well – though I won’t spoil the surprise for anyone.

Lilith Dark #3 really continues the fun from the previous issues.  Lilith really has guts and it is really great to see this little girl become a little heroine.  She may be slightly immature but I don’t blame her for that.  She is very young, but being young won’t stop her from having an amazing adventure.  This book is really great fun for the entire family and whether you are a 7 year old girl, a 36 year old dad, or a 65 year old grandmother it is a blast to read.  I’m sad that the next issue of the four issue series so here’s hoping that Alterna and creator Charles Dowd brings more Lilith adventures in the future.


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