Written by: Rafer Roberts
Art by: Darick Robertson, Walden Wong, and Diego Rodriguez
Published by: Valiant Comics

I felt a pit in my stomach as I went to read Harbinger Renegade #7.  Why?  It’s because back in Harbinger Renegade #5 we were promised the death of a major Valiant character.  Valiant did kill someone.  There was lots of death and destruction.  Unfortunately the Renegades didn’t appear in that issue.

I waited to see what the Renegade response would be in Harbinger Renegade #6 only to find a comic that was extremely frustrating.  The issue featured a bunch of knights in the year 1097 going to hunt down a powerful demon.  Of course he’s not a demon but a very powerful psiot.  What does this have to do with Harbinger Renegade?  At the moment, nothing.  It was an entire flashback book dedicated to foreshadowing.   Once again the Renegades didn’t appear.

Harbinger Renegade #7?  The story kicks off right after the events of issue 5.  It features the Renegades dealing with the aftermath from issue 5.  So why wasn’t issue 7 actually issue 6?  I’m not sure but it’s like you are watching an X-Men film when suddenly Excalibur starts playing at the 30 minute mark.  Then half an hour later it goes back to X-Men.  You are sitting just thinking, “WTF!?!?!?”

So how is issue 7?  Issue 7 is great.  The issue is exactly what I wanted from issue 6.  Monica Jim survived being killed at Rook but she finds herself still hunted by government soldiers.  She barely escapes with her life and is finally able to mentally contact Peter Stanchek, who is able to find her.

After Peter grabs Monica Jim the rest of the Renegades find out what happened to their Generation Zero pals.  They’re angry – some more than others.  What do you do when you know the government is trying to hunt you down one by one?  Come up with a plan on how to take them on.  This is no small plan.  The Renegades are thinking big.  How big?  I assume big enough to lead into next year’s Harbinger War.  But maybe I’m wrong.

Am I being too impatient, Rafer?  Am I making complete sense?  Should I just sit back and enjoy the ride?  I trust you.  I have complete trust in you.  But now that you’ve got the ball rolling I hope you don’t bring things to a grinding halt.  And Darick Robertson?  You should march into the EIC’s office and demand a big money contract.  Because your artwork on this book is fantastic.  I’m sure you could draw stick figures fighting and it would look better than 90% of the books on the market.

Harbinger Renegade #7 brought the series back to life.  It moves the plot again, finally gets the Renegades involved, and promises some huge events that are coming in the future.  The Renegades are the team we deserve AND the heroes we need.  It’s fantastic to see them back in their own series as they were really missed.  This issue is a monster read and truly gets me psyched about Harbinger again.


SPECIAL THANKS TO: Laura Rowley & Gia!

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