Lucy & Andy Neanderthal: The Stone Cold Age is the second in the Lucy & Andy series written and drawn by Jeffrey Brown.  Now I never read the first Lucy & Andy book but my household is a monster fan of Brown as we read many of his Star Wars books.  Especially Darth Vader and Son.  That book was read more times then I could ever count.

The Lucy & Andy series is touted as a graphic novel series that combines humor with scientific facts.  My first thought is, “What kid wants to read a graphic novel and learn?”  We used to have to deal with that stuff when I watched cartoons in the ’80s.  At the end of the show Duke or He-Man would show up to give us some moral.  They were the worst.  So I imagined that a graphic novel where you are force feeding kids a whole bunch of facts would be boring.

I was wrong.  I was very, very wrong.  I’m not even sure why I doubted Brown’s abilities as I am already very familiar with his work.  You see I opened the book and started reading.  It starts out pretty good.  We meet Lucy & Andy, their family, and the other family that is also sharing their cave.  It starts out pretty fun.  And then all of a sudden…

The book tells me that human and neanderthals were separate species.  I’m like…hold on.  Humans evolved from apes, right?  But didn’t apes evolve into neanderthals then evolve into humans?  I suddenly realized that I don’t know anything.  Am I that daft?  I realized that I was sitting here reading Lucy & Andy and I started learning something about science, humans, and history.  How did I not know this?  What else can I learn from Lucy & Andy?  The answer to that question is I could actually learn a lot!

Long story short this book is a blast from beginning to end.  There are plenty of adventures of slightly bratty Andy, his very cute sister, and the rest of the cast who dwell in Andy’s cave (much to his discontent).  Whether it is a snowball fight, looking for a new cave, or even learning about bears this book just makes learning so much fun.

Now of course I realize I am not the “intended audience” for this book as it is pretty much aimed toward kids ages 8-12.  But I really didn’t care because I had such a great time reading it.  As I am a massive proponent of reading to children Lucy and Andy’s Stone Cold Age will be a fantastic book to read to young kids.  Kids will be enthralled.  Parents?  They won’t be bored at all.  Parents will have such an amazing time sharing this with their kids.  You might actually get a bit upset if your children decide to want to read the book without you.

I mean I learned about how glaciers moved boulders!  And I had a great time doing it!!!  I have to reiterate this – I had a great time reading a kids book that told me how glaciers moved rocks.

Getting a kid to read these days can be tough.  I know from experience.  From YouTube to video games to Netflix kids are always plugged right into cyberspace.  Lucy & Andy Neanderthal: The Stone Cold Age is a terrific way to get kids to put the phones down and have an amazing time reading a book.  I will not be surprised when this book gets read over and over again in my household.


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