There’s two things I remember when we met Matthew Goode (Ozymandias) and Malin Akerman (Silk Spectre) on the set of Watchmen.  As we were walking up to Matthew Goode all of my fellow reporters flocked right to him.  Off to the side a bit was Malin Akerman.  She was just seated in a chair watching as no one seemed to recognize her because she was wearing the wig she wears in the film.  I walked over to her and asked, “Do you go off the set with the wig on?”  To which she replied back, “It’s nice because no one recognizes me.”  We got to chat for a number of minutes before everyone finally realized it was Malin.

This interview features both Matthew and Malin talking about their roles.  I really dig these interviews because you really understand how much effort the actors put in to try and make Watchmen the best possible adaptation ever.  Personally I think they did an amazing job adapting such a difficult comic to film.

And the second thing?  The crew was in the same room doing all these workouts with a bunch of ropes.  The crew was completely ripped.  When we asked about them it turned out that these rope exercises are what they used on the set of 300 to stay totally ripped.  The crew just continued to do these exercises on the set of Watchmen.  Hinky.

More interviews to come including Patrick Wilson and director Zack Snyder.

You can check out the on-set interview with Jackie Earle Haley here:

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