Deiciders #1
Story by: Pedro Mendes and André Mateus
Written by: André Mateus
Art by: Pedro Mendes
Published by: VMComics

Deiciders #1 feels like one of those little indy books that I would find at SPX or at a table at a local comic convention. The story and art are pretty raw here and, when you read it over, it really seems like the creators are trying to find their way in telling a sequential story for the first time.

The story kicks off feeling very Aladdinesque. In 1123 A.D. in the beautiful city of Constantinople a young lad is walking the streets when he walks into a beggar. He ends up giving the beggar a coin and the beggar returns the favor by telling this dude…a story.

The story brings us a couple years back to Scandinavia 851 A.D. where adventurers Olaf and Svein are traveling to meet their companion Ulfrith. Arfter they meet up with Ulf they are off to the man who summoned them. His daughter has been captured by a large, evil, killer wolf. The wolf resides in an evil caver and while they can bring these warriors to the cave they don’t dare go inside to face the beast.

The battle is imminent. A pack of wolves show up but don’t attack the warriors. They stand back as if waiting to see the upcoming action. The wolf and the daughter finally come out but it seems young Inga has no desire to go back with her father. She’s not just with this wolf but it turns out he is Fernir, the monster wolf of legend. Inga had been offered up as sacrifice as long as the other wolves stopped attacking some villager’s sheep. Fernir accepted and now the beautiful babe belongs to him. Not just that but she seems to have a few surprised of her own.

The rest of the book? Olaf, Svein, and Ulfrith show off their skills as warriors in a battle where the outcome is certainly not certain and will probably not turn out as anyone, including the reader, would expect. At the conclusion? The book promises another tale that actually sounds pretty damn exciting.

The story here is pretty decent. Not knowing much about this sort of mythology I found myself on Wikipedia a few times to see if I could figure out if writer André Mateus was making this up off the top of his head or if it was actual stories from legend. Turns out it’s a bit from column A and a tad from column B.

Artist Pedro Mendes does a good job bringing the story to life. While this isn’t Mendes’ first time drawing a comic it seems he is still working on fine tuning his style. The art here is more than capable though there are many panels here with no background. Our characters are here yelling, slashing, and fighting but I never felt I was watching the action in a fjord or up in the mountains.

There are some sound effects to go along with the fighting which is incredibly fine – it is a common trope used in comic books. However they are used A LOT and there are times when, let’s say, a wolf slashes at a face and the sound effect reads, “SLASH.” I wasn’t feeling the overuse as it felt a bit like that old Batman TV show.

Beyond that I thought Deiciders #1 was a modest but good start to the series. The content is quite interesting and, as I said, the end of the book promises an adventure that I would really like to read. This issue is said to be a one-shot but I really hope that it is not and a second issue is drafted. Either way I certainly look forward to seeing Mateus and Mendes grow and what they are able to accomplish next.


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