Skylin #1
Written by: Fred Packard and Josh Valliere
Art by: Adam Cozart
Published by: Charon Comics

When I read the title for Charon Comics book Skylin it immediately made me think The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Because…letters, I suppose. The cover has two gals and a large dude with a big ass sword. Was the title just a coincidence? Is Skylin supposed to invoke your memories of spending eighty six hours playing Skyrim? They may seem like stupid questions since all I had to do was open the book and just read the first issue but this is what was going through my head when I looked at the cover.

So what is Skylin about? It is a kickass comic full of swords, magic, mystic dragon like creatures called Serpens, and even a horrible Demon King. It is brilliant. It is fucking brilliant. I’m going to tell you right away that this book is going to get a perfect score. Sit back as I tell you why.

Our main character isn’t the big guy on the cover with a sword. It’s not a queen, nor a princess, nor a Demon King. Skylin is a handmaiden to Princess Carly, your typical stuck-up princess who is sovereign but definitely has a big stick firmly up her butt. Skylin seems kind, gentle, and caring – great qualities for someone who is a handmaiden. Princess Carly doesn’t have time for games (or even time to be friendly). Why?

It’s because Carly is ready to depart for the floating city of Usher. Each of the six kingdoms were invited to the floating city. Every king from each nation will send their children (they must be “of age”) to the city where one child from each nation will be picked to become one of the next generation Serpen riders. As Carly is the only child from the Ice Kingdom who is of age she is the one who gets to go and snag her own Serpen. Lucky her.

Of course Skylin is accompanying the princess to the city. A large caravan ventures off as Carly, Skylin, and soldiers make their way to Usher. The night before they arrive? They are attacked by assassins using dark magic. These assassins skewer the soldiers like a club sandwich and Carly’s men are only just able to beat them. They almost get to the princess but Skylin jumps in trying to save her. Poor Skylin can’t put up a fight but the day is saved and, the next morning, the journey continues.

The thing is I am skipping a ton of plot that goes right in-between what I just described. There’s a bit of intrigue behind the attackers and there is more to Skylen than meets the eye. The comic is elusive on what is going on with Skylin and it seems that Skylin is nearly clueless herself. Is she a warrior? A secret child? One of the enemy’s children stolen away? Is she a girl of ancient name that shall become queen and wield the Glaive? Will she sit on the Iron Throne? Accompany Aahz to Deva? What is the secret behind this handmaiden? The writing here is so masterful that it sucks you right in like a good book. Unlike a good book this ends rather quickly so I actually reread the comic multiple times to see if there was stuff that I hadn’t picked up on. There was. That’s another testament to phenomenal scripting – where you can pick up more and more with each and every read.

There is one minor battle in this comic when the assassins attack. Beyond that? It is building this universe and great storytelling. But it never feels like meaningless exposition that is thrown in your face. The writing is just so on point that every page tells the story without force feeding it down your throat. Writers Fred Packard and Josh Valliere have done such an amazing job bring Skylin to life. I got so involved with the story that I feel like asking for whatever pages they have for issue 2. Or the script. Or asking for a phone call so they can fill me in. I’m feeling so impatient…I SO want to know what is going to happen next.

The artwork. Oh man…the artwork. It is like they threw Phil Noto, Michael Oeming, and Phil Foglio into a blender and out came a masterpiece. The pencils, inks, and colors are all fantastic. Amazing. It really looks like everything was done art-wise by artist Adam Cozart and nearly every panel blew my mind. If this is the case then I truly am astonished at what Cozart is able to accomplish. My hat is off to you, sir.

I really hate calling a comic “perfect” because you would think that most comics have their flaws. Even comics that I normally rate an A+ may have something a tiny bit wrong here or there but overall is still great. Skylin #1 is a masterpiece. It is perfect. I hope this book runs for 90 issues or more because I’ll be right here devouring every issue. If they keep up this quality with each subsequent issue the entire comic book world may be in for one great treat.

Even though the above panel really just points out what is going to happen in Skylin anyway… I’m sure it is going to be one hell of a ride.


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