Vessels #2
Written by: Dave Cook
Art by: Raphael Desquitado Jr. and Dennis Lehmann
Published by: Card Shark Comics

CAUTION: Tiny bit of spoilers ahead. Just a tad. Totally minimal. Promise.

I loved Vessels #1 because it was a complete mindfuck of a comic. I was glad to see that with issue 2 writer Dave Cook has pushed on with this massive story while keeping everything completely trippy. It is a world of swords and sorcery and….stop signs? Yup. Stop signs.

If I had to describe Vessels to you in one sentence I would say, “It is as if Grant Morrison was writing Game of Thrones while tripping balls on acid.” That, my friends, is Vessels.

The previous issue saw our heroine Wake taking on the Eye-God and wounding it severely. Knowing it is not down for the count, Wake and her new friend G’dala decide that their plan of action is to take up weapons, head out, kill a whole bunch of Vessels, take their powers, and go back to finish off the Eye-God once and for all.

The Queen of the land seems game for what Wake has planned but Orall, G’dala’s old teacher, thinks Wake is basically full of shit. Orall is pissed off. He hates that he has “lost his student” to this blonde beauty who is also, for lack of better words, the “chosen one.”

Orall ends up finding Marillon – the awesome killer mohawk chick who almost had a rope around her neck in the previous issue. Orall knows he has a powerful ally in Marillon and he basically unlocks her mind to show her the truth of the world. You see Marillon is looking for revenge. Someone murdered her father. Prepare to die.  Guess who that someone might be…

On the flip side Wake is learning a lot more about herself, her powers, this trippy place called The Veil, and how items from our present day Earth keep winding up on her plane of existence. It is cool because a bit is explained to us, the reader, but not enough to truly reveal what is actually going on.

So who is Wake? Why is she the chosen one? Why does Orall want her to die? Why does Marillon want revenge? Why…why…WHY!??!?!

Well – I guess if you have any interest in knowing the answers to these questions (including why there are talking teddy bears) you should pick up the book.

Vessels #2 brings us many more details about this amazing land. While the first issue was a decent introduction to the characters and this universe issue 2 really blew the door off its hinges. With a solid thirty pages of comic, Vessels #2 does a great job of immersing the reader while completely saturating us with the fantasy and sci-fi aspects of the comic. There’s new characters, there’s more characters, there’s action, and there’s cunning characters looking to kill for their own particular gain.

Describe this comic in one word? Fantastic.

If you think that Game of Thrones, Battle Chasers, Lord of the Rings, and Time Bandits smushed together would be an excellent comic book then Vessels is for you. With issue 2 blowing issue 1 out of the water I really can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me. Fantastic artwork, an amazing story, with a massive amount of pages to sink your teeth into – this book is really indy comics at its finest.


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