Robyn Hood: The Hunt #1
Written by: Joe Brusha and Latoya Morgan
Art by: Salvatore Cuffari and Leonardo Paciarotti
Published by Zenescope Entertainment

Having just recently just gotten back into Zenescope comics I truly forgot how fun this line of books could be. When I reviewed the Robyn Hood: Tarot one-shot I was pretty surprised that this one issue actually lead into three separate and upcoming miniseries. The first new miniseries appears to be the new Robyn Hood mini titled The Hunt. One look at the gorgeous cover by Sean Chen and I know I’m going to have a good time.

In Tarot, Robyn Hood and Mystere stormed an amusement park to take on the evil gypsy Nataliya. Unfortunately for Robyn she found herself going through a portal and entering some strange new land that most certainly isn’t Earth. Robyn is instantly attacked by some well trained thugs and though Robyn is a kickass fighter she is taken down.

Stripped of her clothes and weapons Robyn is thrown into a Super Max prison called The Boneyard which seems to be the home of some of Robyn’s (and Zenescope’s) biggest and baddest baddies. Robyn is thrown into a cell with Zoe who doesn’t seem like too much of a bad guy at all. She could be Robyn’s ally if Robyn wanted an ally. But right now Robyn can only think of one thing. Escape.

Some of the other prisoners in The Boneyard? They can only think of one thing and that is killing Robyn. When Robyn is viciously attacked she almost meets that fate. Even if she survives her fellow inmates she’s even more screwed. Why? Because the warden of The Boneyard doesn’t really want Robyn as a prisoner. He wants her dead as well. If the inmates aren’t able to kill our heroine, the guards most certainly can.

Suddenly escape isn’t her only priority for Robyn. Simply staying alive may be even harder than escaping.

Robyn Hood: The Hunt #1 is really incredible and just a ton of fun. The writing was well done. The issue managed to be pretty suspenseful which is a rarity with a comic book. Robyn Hood is the lead character in her own book but some of the sequences in this book made me actually wonder if she would make it. I mean I know it would be super ballsy to kill off your lead character in the first issue of her six issue miniseries. But as I continued to read I really did think to myself, “She’s screwed.”

The artwork by Salvatore Cuffari is outstanding. This entire book is simply gorgeous.  I expect a certain quality when I read Zenescope comic books and Cuffari really made this comic look phenomenal.

On top of that one of the alternate covers is done by someone known only as Meguro.  I don’t know who Meguro is but this cover is goddamn extraordinary.  This person should be hired to draw EVERYTHING.

Now if I have a slight gripe which is really extremely minor…it probably isn’t even a gripe at all.  Back around nine years ago David Goyer and Justin Marks wrote a screenplay titled Super Max which was retitled Green Arrow: Escape from Super Max. The storyline featured Green Arrow, who was framed for a crime he didn’t commit, who must escape a high security prison filled with villains and rogue superheroes. The Hunt, at its very basic premise, is quite similar except we have our favorite Zenescope archer supplanting Green Arrow. NOW it isn’t like heroes going to prison is a new thing that Goyer and Marks came up with. Hell one of my favorite Hellblazer storylines was when Constantine was locked up in prison. I just always had that Super Max film in the back of my mind as I read through the comic. That being said…Warner Brothers never made that movie, did they? So, in the end, even if that screenplay existed first Robyn Hood: The Hunt actually appeared first. If it comes out down the line Joe Brusha can just shrug his shoulders and simply say, “Been there. Done that.”

Robyn Hood: The Hunt #1 was full of kickass excitement and real suspense. I am damn excited to read this series – especially with the cliffhanger that issue 1 left us on.