Damn, Netflix’s new movie is damn hard to watch.  The movie is about a 20 year old anorexic girl named Ellen (Lily Collins) who goes into another anorexic inpatient program.

Ellen hasn’t had much success with programs.  Girl does not like to eat and is starving herself to death.  Her mother (Lili Taylor!!!) and her mother’s girlfriend (Grey’s Anatomy Brooke Smith.  Well…she is the put the lotion on the skin or else you get the hose again girl in Silence of the Lambs which I still find hilariously awesome.) basically gave up on Ellen and dumped her on her father after they decide to move to Phoenix.

Now Ellen’s father is never around.  Never.  Who is around is Ellen’s stepmother Susan (True Blood’s Carrie Preston) who doesn’t want Ellen around either.  She’s tired of Ellen not eating, tired of Ellen withering away to nothing.  To come back into the house the deal is that Ellen has to eat and Susan gets to weigh her.

It’s with a little bit of luck that Ellen is admitted into Dr. Beckham’s inpatient program.  Beckham (played wonderfully by Keanu Reeves) hopes he can make a difference in Ellen’s life and even though there is some massive wait list to get into his program he lets Ellen in.

So Ellen moves into this house in the middle of suburbia which is basically run by Lobo (Parks and Rec’s Retta).  There’s a whole slew of really, really skinny people including cute English dude Luke (Alex Sharp) and even a purger who is pregnant (Leslie Bibb).

The movie is basically trying to tell you how to help yourself.  How to get over your harmful compulsion.  But what the actors put into this movie…damn…I mean they look anorexic.  Horribly anorexic.  I really hope that Lily Collins or Leslie Bibb didn’t do harm to themselves by getting this ridiculously skinny.  It isn’t like Lily or Leslie were ever fat by any means but one look at Lily in this film with her shirt off and it almost makes you want to cry.  It is shocking and horrifying.

Maybe that’s what the movie is meant to do.  Shock the viewer with what anorexia can really do to the anorexic, their family, and their friends.  We go through this program with Ellen as she tries her hardest to fit in, relax, and eat.  But her compulsion is way too much.  It is almost too much for everyone.  It makes you want to stand up and yell at the television, “PLEASE EAT SOMETHING!!!’

What is the point of the film?  You would think that the overall arc would be that Ellen finally conquers her anorexia and is able to rejoin society more well adjusted.  But that isn’t the point of the film.  Ellen comes to grips with her disease but there isn’t some magic cure.  There isn’t some fairy tale ending.  The movie really does show you the life of anorexics and it really stayed with me long after the credits rolled.

The performances were really great with Lily Collins being the standout.  I really like her as an actress but she truly put her all into this role.  I really wanted her to get better and really cared about her character’s development.  I was just so disappointed that there wasn’t the resolution that I truly hoped for in the character.

I looked up the IMDB for this flick and saw that Alanna Ubach was in the film.  You know Alanna…from Renaissance Man, The Brady Bunch Movie, and those Legally Blonde films.  Well she is in this movie somewhere but where ever she was (one of the patients?) I didn’t recognize her one bit.  Which is weird because back in the 90’s-00’s I totally used to crush on her so I’m not sure why I didn’t recognize her.  I’m a bit bummed.

All the compulsory roles were good here with very solid acting by Reeves, Preston, and Taylor.  They all really just pale in comparison to the amazing acting of Collins.  This is a star-making performance.  Even for a film that is so difficult to watch.