I’ve been a very loyal Dunkin Donuts customer for well over twenty years.  I really like their coffee.  And while their bagels certainly don’t compare to true NY/NJ bagels I’m often way too lazy to drive down the street and will just pick up my bagel at DD.  I remember living in Georgia during my Army days and would get done PT in the morning, take the 20 minute drive to Dunkin, drive back to base, shower, and then start my day.  That’s how important my Dunkin was to me.  Recently I picked up the app which gives you all kinds of specials, free drinks, and the ability for you to order in advance if you would like.

Now in my town I have 8 Dunkin Donuts in a 5 mile radius.  EIGHT.  Overkill?  Probably.  I had always gone to the one that was closest to my house but with some staff turnover I was really bothered by the utter lack of decent customer service.  I really don’t get it.  Day after day I would go and these workers would be completely miserable.  Do they not like working there?  I mean who loves going to work in the first place?  I would certainly love to get paid to just sit home and write while watching Steve Wilkos.  But I don’t.  I go to work, put a smile on my face, and get through my day.  The people who come through my work on a daily basis deserve the best from both myself and my staff.  I give that to them.

So I stopped going to the location with the horrid customer service and started going to another Dunkin Donuts down the street.   This location is actually right on my way to work so I didn’t have to go out of the way to get my coffee.  The employees of this location were actually a lot nicer.  Maybe they came to work and actually drank the coffee in the morning to boost themselves up.

I use the Dunkin Donuts app so I can spend money and earn rewards from buying my coffee or bagel like free or cheaper drinks.  Both problems that I ran into with this location was because of the app.  The first time I paid for my coffee and it wasn’t the right price.  I inquired why and I was told I had to order it on the app in a certain way.  Not only that but when I asked for a refund they said they were unable to issue a refund because I paid with the app.  That’s fine for the first time, I guess.

But one morning I went to get my coffee and I decided to order my coffee with almond milk.  I ordered it through the app which had a deal for $1.00 coffee.  What a great day!  But when I was handed the receipt I was a bit puzzled.  My receipt told me that I had paid $1.50 for my coffee.  It seems that the almond milk cost 50 cents extra then just getting regular milk.  What the what!?!?!  I told them to refund my money and redo my coffee so I would only pay a dollar.

They said no.  No?  I didn’t want to pay 50 cents extra for almond milk.  I just wanted my coffee for a buck and wanted to go on my way.  They said that they couldn’t refund because I paid with the app.  I was dumbfounded.  I had went through the drive-thru so I actually parked my car, went inside, and asked to speak to the manager.  I was told that the manager was not in and they couldn’t refund me.  I stood there with my coffee quite irritated.

It’s not about the 50 cents.  I mean it’s only 50 cents and I can spare 50 cents.  The point was that if my coffee was not to my liking they should have redone my coffee and if I didn’t get almond milk they should most certainly refund me my 50 damn cents.  The guy decided to get on the phone and tried to call his manager.  Hey at least he was doing something other than telling me that nothing can be done like the women at the drive-thru told me.  He was unable to reach his manager so he decided on his own to reach into the register and refund me my damn 50 cents.  I was happy that the situation was finally rectified but I was still pissed off that the whole situation happened in the first place.

I decide to take my Dunkin Donuts business out there so I decided to go to one that was closer to my house but one that was out of the way from my drive into work.  On my second visit there I ordered my large decaf coffee and went on my way.  I downed my coffee at work and then just went on with my day.

The problem is that I am currently unable to drink regular caffeinated coffee because of some medical reasons.  Now decaf doesn’t exactly put the UMPH in my body that I normally love but at least when I drink decaf it makes me feel at least a little bit normal.    Suddenly my stomach started to hurt.  I started to get the high speed jitters.  I started having pain in my chest section.  I knew immediately what had happened.  I had ordered decaf and the nice man at the drive-thru missing a bunch of teeth gave me regular ol’ caffeinated coffee.

I was angry.  Really angry.  I nearly had to leave work and go to the doctor – all over one large regular coffee.  I called Dunkin Donuts corporate to complain.  All of my local Dunkin Donuts are franchise locations so they are individually owned.  I didn’t care.  Dunkin Donuts made me feel like absolute shit and I wanted DD corporate to understand just what exactly I went through.

The people at corporate were quite nice and also concerned for my condition.  They informed me that someone from the store (the owner or the manager) would be getting in touch with me in 2 business days.  Guess what?  2 business days came and went.  Then 3 days.  4 days.  5 days.  6 days.  Finally I called Dunkin Donuts corporate once again and told them that I was never contacted.  These men had messed up my body and didn’t even have the common courtesy to give me a call.  The nice lady at corporate told me that she will absolutely make sure that the owner or the manager would give me a call in 2 business days.  Do you think they called within 2 business days?  The answer is….no.  No they did not.

So I’m completely disgruntled.  I’m truly not sure why if something happens to someone because of something that happened at your business you would immediately want to reach out.  But this was not the case.  So I immediately stopped going to this Dunkin Donuts location as well.

I am now back at my original location.  Most mornings I get silence when I’m handed my coffee.  They don’t say anything.  Most of the time I have to ask for my receipt (I want to make absolutely sure that they are giving me decaf coffee) because they don’t hand it right over.  Some days I’ll get a grunt.  But most of the time the words customer service are nonexistent.

What’s a guy to do?  What do you do when you are a regular customer at an establishment for well over 20 years?  Make my own coffee at home?  I suck at that and it is never as good.  Drink the crap that someone makes at work?  Go to a coffee shop that isn’t Dunkin Donuts?  Like what?  Starbucks?  Yeah like I feel like paying $36.50 for a venti latte or whatever the fuck it costs there.  There’s local convenience stores like Quick Chek, 7-11, and Wawa that all have coffee but it really isn’t the same.  It just doesn’t have that Dunkin Donuts taste.

So for the time being I’ll continue to go to the Dunkin Donuts with the awful customer service.  Maybe I’ll venture out and hit one of the other 4 that is close to my house.  And maybe I’ll bitch and complain about the horrid customer service, the lack of any sort of management decision making, and the people who almost forced me to go to the doctor but really don’t give two fucks.  Because someone should stand on the soapbox and perhaps that person should be me.

UPDATE: 9/1/2017

I am happy to say that the customer service at my local Dunkin has improved significantly.  It is a pleasure using this Dunkin location and the staff is amazing.  I’m going to leave this entire post up…for now.  But I might actually take it down for good at some point.  Because if they keep this up this one location will redeem the failures of the other two stores.  I’m back to loving my Dunkin again.